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I would like to create a useful Smartboard application- any suggestions?

Asked by pallen123 (1519points) November 28th, 2009

My friend and I have a few weeks to spend between classes developing a Web application and we figured that since so many schools now have Smartboards, maybe there is a useful app we could develop that would help teachers in the classroom. Anyone have experience with them? Ideas for apps that would be helpful?

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Well… I’m not a teacher, but students like games, right? You could develop a template sort of thing where the whole thing is set up already and they don’t have to go to powerpoint or whatever. that was stupid…

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Wow thats a lot of topics…

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Something that lets me “minimize” a webpage in a browser (please not just IE), or even just a window, to a thumbnail which can be moved around the board by touch – a bit like Bumptop, while also showing the links between the windows – i.e. which window was opened from which other window. This would give teacher and student a visual timeline of the pages opened in the lesson and (hopefully) how they relate to each other.

It would be very useful (and trivially easy to program, I suspect) if the app could then create a text document of the urls visited and send them to a pre-defined mailing list at the end of the lesson.

Also, allowing lesson commentary (pre-, post- and mid-) to be added (by either the teacher or learner in text or AV formats) would be useful. Think real-time wiki.

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I would have a suggestion for you but my bro is working on it and it’s a secret so I can’t tell you.

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Is there an app that will let you draw with laser light?

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An app that would allow one to create a simple (yet fun! Obviously!) quiz that could be used at the end of each lesson.

The ability to quickly create a quiz that could be used at the end of each lesson without it becoming a burden for teachers to prepare would be a great help.

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interactive physics demos

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anything that gameifies the learning process, gives people points, adds silliness without wasting time or distracting too much attention. See all the TED talks on making the learning environment into a game, giving students points they can earn like in video games for completing portions of task inside timelines, etc. Actually the Khan Academy’s site does a good job of this, especially with the activity section, but how you’d bring that sort of thing to Smartboard I’m not really sure.

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