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Who do you think were the first humans ever to get drunk or high?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25915points) June 27th, 2011

I read somewhere that coffee was only inadvertently discovered after a sheperd witnessed his goats jumping all over the place after chewing on some beans from a certain plant. And this ultimately lead to people lining up in Starbucks, minus the jumping of course.

I’m wondering which human ends up drunk after accidentally discovering the ancient ancestors of beer. Please, answer as many funny one’s you could make. The drunker the answer is the better! : )

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The ones who were hongry enough to eat fermented fruit.

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Funny….OK. Once my daughter was at a friend’s house in the country. He had a bucket of old apples in the yard. A raccoon got into the bucket. And came out drunker n a skunk! True story!

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I would suppose it happened whenever they got sick and tired of drinking water all of the time and got creative with their drinks.

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Being stoned and drunk is pretty much as ancient as man himself, although I’ve no historical fact to prove this. I’m sure someone will eventually come along with some though.

What’s interesting with drugs past and present though, in a lot of places, doing them was some cultural thing that often involved spirituality. Like tripping out on coca leaves or whatever as a test from boyhood to manhood, licking toads or eating shrooms for shamans to predict the future with, or otherwise become enlightened, stuff like that.
I’m not entirely sure when it all became recreational, it was probably a gradual process that started at various times and places. In some countries, what I’ve described is still being practiced.

I’m guessing people discovered things like drugs out of curiosity, or while starving and all. Or just being bored. Hey man! What happens if I sniff some of this shit? Or start chewing on this here root? Lol XD

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@Symbeline You ever read Carlos Castinada?
Talk about trippin’ man! The Indian tribe he tried to integrate into had a religion set up around Peyote buttons. It was so freaky. In fact, I’ll bet Jean M Aule, of the Clan of the Cavebear fame took some of her inspirations for the medical “spiritual trips” described in her books from him.

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It was Juan and Brunhilde. Way back in the mysts of tyme. They did it. It’s all their fault.

Thinks about it. What if you could go back in time to when they first discovered alcohol? What would you do?

Oh wait. We’ve probably been consuming alcohol since long before we were humans. Animals do it. There has always been fermented material around and animals, including proto-humans to consume it. Hey! If I’m drunk, is murder considered self-defense? Ponder them comestibles, will you?

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Damn that day old cooked corn!

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I’m guessing Adam and Eve a few days after they discovered that you could squeeze fruit and get juice out of it.

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I’m guessing that consuming things with the intention of getting intoxicated dates back to just before homosapien showed up.

Before that, people would probably have got drunk and high quite a bit just by chance, but the act of planning to consume something because of a desired mental state would probably require a larger brain.

Not as old as spirituality, but older than religion. Around about the awakening of man.

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Keith Richards and Mick Jagger.

They found that round rocks roll better than cubic ones. That in turn gave them the idea for their band much later on.

Then they got really high to celebrate their discovery, and consequently forgot to develop it into the wheel.

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Some brilliant son of a gun…

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There are many gods and goddesses who are credited with the gift of alcohol to mankind.

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The Scottish ones….hic.

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Bacchus or Dionysus. Or someone else pretending to be them.

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@DesireeCassandra That didn’t even make sense!

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@Dutchess_III Well, @DesireeCassandra may be on to something. Jesus is God’s son and some say they are one and the same, so who is to say they did not inhabit human bodies long before any humans evolved in this planet and got drunk?

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THAT makes no sense either @mazingerz88! How could they inhabit human bodies before humans evolved??

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@Dutchess_III Lol. They are Gods! : )

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OIC. Well, last time I heard God wasn’t insanely illogical. But that is a bit off the point.

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