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What have you recovered from and how did you do it?

Asked by SamIAm (8703points) February 27th, 2011

I’m not talking physical injury, I’m talking about drug/alcohol addiction and abuse. Would you care to share your recovery process?

I’m specifically curious about crack cocaine addiction and it’s affects… other drugs are widely talked about but I feel like this one isn’t. So if you have any information or know anyone who has struggled with this, please share, but share anyway :)

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My drug of choice was alcohol, in any form, although I augmented it with weed and cocaine at times. My recovery was spurred by an arrest 25 years ago next week. (It still took me six more weeks to get sober). It was the threat of being separated from society for 60 to 90 days that made me realize my drinking had finally made my behavior intolerable.

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Alcohol and tobacco. One night, was drinking and smoking and whatever, and realized I no longer enjoy doing this and living this lifestyle. I through the rest of the alcohol and cigarettes in a 55 gallon drum, doused is with kerosene, and let the fire burn it all away. After over two decades of 2–3 pack a day smoking and countless drinks a day, it was over just like that, never tasted alcohol or smoke again. The surprising part? Despite what I have previously feared, the sun still rises and sets every day. So it would seem I used the “Unscheduled/unplanned cold turkey method”.

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My name is Sam also. I recovered from being homeless and in a matter of of 5 years went from being homeless to having a degree in physics, a job paying 75k/yr and a website making 10k/yr.

There is one and only one thing required to get past something or to be successful in general, and that is HARD WORK!

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Well I dont have any stories of recovery, since I started smoking again after last time I quit… But this thread inspired me enough to make another attemt at giving up Cigs… Just gonna use norwegian “snus” as a wind down nicotine source….

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I went through a major recovery process after divorcing my abusive, narcisistic ex husband 8 years ago.
I spent several years doing a lot of personal and spiritual growth work and have never been happier!

I have set up my life my way and cherish my peace and serenity more than anything.

Most of us have a lot of ‘recovery’ work to do, in the area of challenging our beliefs and programming.

I can truly say that I have never been happier and for that I am grateful.
He was my greatest teacher to date.

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Adiction comes in so many areas of our lives. Alcohol and the higher drugs are phyiscally addictive and are very hard to overcome. Many other addictions are just as destructive as are the physical ones. Some are addicted to gambling, eating, and all other aspects of life. The withdrawal period can be very tough and sometimes without medical help one can even die from it. They have programs to help you recover but frankly until the person themselves chooses to end it they will keep the addiction going.

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I hope this doesn’t sound cliche…

I used to drink and do drugs heavily and addicted to porn. I was involved in all this AFTER I had been a Christian. After five years of a down ward spiral a friend came to talk to me at a party. He took me outside to the street. I don’t remember what my friend said, but God spoke to my heart. He said, “you have been wasting your life…” At that moment, I stopped everything. The drugs and booze were no problem. I did struggle with the porn for a while, but now (15 years later) I am doing pretty good. I would say that the Lord helped me.
I personally know men who have had worse addictions than myself who have completely turned their lives around because of God’s help.

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