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Is it true what they say, that women hit their sexual peak in their late 30's/early 40's?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 28th, 2011

Hi, I’m 39.

I’ve pretty been much like a teenage boy (this past year); horny.

Please tell me that it won’t die down anytime soon.

Also, why does it peak at this age?

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In my experience – yes.

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I don’t understand the statement “I’ve pretty much like a teenage boy”.

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If that’s true, then I can’t wait to get to that age.
I’m so frikkin horny now, who knows how horny I’ll be then XD

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got it… careful you don’t knock up a teenage girl.

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In what way @Jude?
Biggest stamina, kinkiest, horniest, wi(l)dest fantasy?
I am of course not a woman, but thought to ask for a bit clarification, if needed

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It won’t die down but eventually it’ll wax and wane—thank God. lol

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@rebbel High sex drive; wanting to get off often; much more open and relaxed, sexually.

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I would think it’s your body trying its hardest to get pregnant while it still can.

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I’ve heard that the more you act on it, the healthier the drive remains… so get it good and get it often, LOL

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@Jude Understood.
I can imagine that generally it could be true but that it has also to do with your past sex life/experiences, your general health, your partner(‘s) contribution, etc.

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@rebbel I am thinking that you’re right. I am way more into my current partner (compared to previous partners). And, we’re quite sexually compatible (I have never been this way with anyone. Not like this). Thus, the desire is strong.

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Yes, it is.

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Wonderful. Thanks for the answers.

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some hit it in their 60s

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I hit my stride at 35. I have a bigger sexual appetite than my hubby sometimes now.

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It seems to be true of many women. Though of course, with a group as large as “women,” there’s likely to be nothing that’s universally true of all members of the group, unless it’s a defining characteristic of the group itself (such as “Women have two X chromosomes”).

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I’m coming up on 45 and mine is still what it was in my teens and 20’s.

My theory is women become more comfortable and/or experienced in their 30’s and 40’s which might account for a good deal of increased sexual satisfaction and open feeling to sexual urges. The rest is probably nature’s push of hormones to get pregnant.

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According to many psychological studies, yes. Scientists believe that this increased sexual appetite offers an evolutionary benefit, inducing women to maximize their chances of conceiving before their fertile period comes to a close.

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I’m not 30 yet and I have been going mad. If I get worse when I get older I’ll need multiple partners just to satisfy me, lol. I’m already wearing out my current partner and he’s in his early 20s. I have much more stamina than he does.

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Yes, they usually are, Why do you think I went to such great lengths to keep myself in shape at that age? : D

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After 50, blame everything on hormones. ;-)

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Hon, I’ve been blaming it on hormones my entire LIFE! : D

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It’s supposed to be true since after that most women nowdays enter in menopauze .

@Ajulutsikael go get more sex ^^

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I agree with @mrrich724. The more sex you have, the more you will want. Well that’s been my experience. Hey, just enjoy it! I think it will wane as you age, but I you have quite a while to go before that happens!

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@Hibernate My boyfriend recently told me that I should behave more often. Calm down a bit. He needed some space. I actually thought he was breaking up with me. I asked him this and he laughed and said no. It was just that I’m just too pushy and horny, and like some people here the more I have it the more I want it.

I’ve learned to calm down but the first 3–4 days without it were absolute torture. I couldn’t bear to not have sex or even masturbate. He told me that I didn’t need to completely stop, just calm down. This is hard since we only spend maybe a few days out of every 3 months together.

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@Ajulutsikael God, I wish I had known you when I was younger. Then again, you probably weren’t even thought of when I was younger. Never mind! LOL!

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@Ajulutsikael what the hell’s wrong with your b/f. I would NEVER! ESPECIALLY if I only saw you a few days a quarter!!!

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I think this has mostly to do with when I was there for 3 months I was insistent. He was ok when I spent 3–4 days with him because it wasn’t a lot. He prefers to have an full on orgasm, ejaculation and all and I think since he can’t go back to back and isn’t a quick recuperater he won’t do it. He says he likes the satisfaction of the release and if there is nothing to release he doesn’t want to do it.

Sigh, here I was thinking that a younger guy would keep up with me. Hehe. He said when he was in high school he never would’ve thought he’d be telling a girl that he can’t keep up with her or even that he’d be turning down multiple sessions in a day.

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@Ajulutsikael: Have you considered anyone bold enough to tell you directly that there’s nothing in it for them if they don’t have a blasting orgasm after their first might be a selfish lover, one who over time will leave you less and less satisfied. At that point it’s not so much about the quality of orgasms or how frequently anyhow, it’s about you’ve got a guy not really interested in your physical company. The odd are you’ll end up feeling more a nuisance than a welcome and valued part of his life.

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@Neizvestnaya I think this also has a lot to do with the fact that I’m what he considers, his first true girlfriend. I’m his second when it comes to sex. His first experience wasn’t great from what he told me so I think he might have that notion that you can only have a satisfying orgasm if you ejaculate along with it.

He isn’t also used to a lot of company and prefers to be alone for the most part. Although, the short period where I lived with him didn’t bother him at all. He said he’s changed a lot since we started dating and he welcomes it. On the flip side I know I can be annoying when I want sex and I can easily make someone feel that all I see is sex. I can easily make someone feel as if I might be using them for only one thing. I had actually apologized to him for this. I realized what I was doing. He’s not the first guy that has complained about my constant need for sex.

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@Ajulutsikael: The only time I’ve ever encountered a man who didn’t want sex as often as I did, turns out he had erection issues and was loathe to tell me. You never know but it’s a good gamble most other men wouldn’t complain at all to have you and your libido.

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My ex had a problem with it. He said that it was all I thought about and that sometimes he wasn’t in the mood. It’s funny to think that in this situation I’m like a stereotypical guy who is involved with someone who always makes an excuse not to get laid.

My bf does have a lot of things on his plate and I can understand why he would turn me down. He has classes, plus work and then he likes to relax a bit before getting active. I also blame his diet. He doesn’t eat the best of foods and at times only once or 2x a day so I can also see the loss of stamina there. I know not to push anything with him, because then I come off as needy and no one likes that.

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Definately! When I was about 35 I had a 21 year old and a 50 year old “boy toy” and was like the energizer bunny. I have always been multi orgasmic but really hit my stride around 35 and I secretly wish that men were more in sync with women with hitting their peak at somewhat the same age. I haven’t really lost any of the peak yet. yay for me ; )

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