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Gamers: what features you would like to see in a game?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) June 28th, 2011

Ex: These are my favorite features:
– Third person viewpoint
– turn-based battle style
– Ability to recruit enemies, train them, level up, use their special power, etc and they will also play a role in the main story.
– Ability to use female as main protagonist and more female characters.
– Ability to have romance relationship between characters.
– Ability to freely explore the town, marry, reproduce or even kill citizens.
– Etc.

I want to hear yours.

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How about shipping a product that doesn’t require Internet access. I don’t have a lot of time. When I want to play a game I don’t want to wait 15 minutes while it downloads and installs patches.

{makes sweet love to my Nintendo 64}

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This is sounds a lot like rpgs in general. I’m getting tired of a lot of RPGs, with the exception of Bioware games because the stories are awesome. With different styles of games I expect different things. I prefer medieval fantasy to scifi fantasy, but I dabble in both.

I’m not too keen on first person games, but I’ve gotten better.

In God of War games I expect nudity and sex, if it’s not there it’s a waste of time.

In general I prefer a good story and great replay value. Nowadays you also expect great graphics, but I can let that go if the game is very engaging. Sometimes simplicity can also be the best feature. One of my favorite games is the simplest one, Flower for PS3.

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I have always wanted a shooter that lets you design your own weapons from the ground up. I’d also like the ability to build multiplayer levels in the same way the tony hawk games let you build skateparks. I’d love to see a good World War One themed first person shooter to come out, too.

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I wish there was a game where you could make your very own serial killer, and go around slaughtering people like in a slasher movie. Like GTA, but horror based.

But it wouldn’t be mindless gore like Manhunt with some God of War control schemes.

You could create your own killer from head to toe. Mask, no mask, outfit, built, hair, accessories, wtv. Then you need to choose a killing implement of choice, which would be your main tool. Knife, chainsaw, hammer, metal bar, whatever. You could increase your skill with this tool, along with other tools, for when situation requires something different.

You’d have statistics, like in an RPG, and you decide what you want to raise; physical strength, speed, whatever. You could make your guy however you wanted him to be; a psycho fucker busting through doors, or a stealthy assassin slithering in the shadows.
But be careful. The more ’‘notorious’’ you become, the more the challenge will be. The police comes after you, the FBI, the military…

The more awesome your kills are, the more points you get. Also, the game would have ’‘climax mode’’ (lol) where if you die and can make your death as awesome as possible, you start up again with more points and unlocked bonus material.

You’d have missions, like find this specific person(s) and kill them. Find an object. Kill as many as you can. Ruin as much private property as possible. Create as many false alarms and jump scares as you can. Keep people out of a certain area by murdering them.

There could also be Survivor Mode. Where you play as a victim who must stop the killer, get from point A to B without being offed, stuff like that. You could also unlock a whole bunch of stuff, like weapons, outfits, masks, areas to play in, signature death blows, wtv.
I want my very own slasher sandbox game already.

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@Symbeline I’d play the fuck out of that.

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Destruction and physics are the two biggest selling points in a game to me. Destruction ala Battlefield Bad Company 2 or Minecraft even where it completely changes the gameplay and perhaps the story later on. If you walk into a building with a rocket launcher and fire it off inside, you shouldn’t be able to go back into that building later; it should just be a mound of rubble. I’ve seen destruction on a building to building level in games before, but I’ve never seen a game that doesn’t respawn structures after you destroy them.
For that reason, Bad Company 2 has completely spoiled me for online shooters. No longer were snipers an issue if they were hiding on top of a building, you could just bring the entire building down. Hyperrealism in games is no fun, but I let out a little squeal when you can break your environments or shred cover with bullets.

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Have you tried the Far Cry 2 map editor at all? I have spent hours in that thing doing exactly what you’re talking about, building awful multiplayer maps.

Also, shameless plug for the Fluther steam group right here. It always needs more members.

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@dverhey nope, never played it, though I’ve heard that I would like it.

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@Symbeline I also love GTA. I am sure the combination between GTA and the Sims would be fantastic! where you could have your family that involved in life-threatening situations, live like a normal person with normal career in GTA city, and… you could also beat or even kill children (I’m not sadistic but GTA doesn’t have this feature). And oh I would like to see that Rockstar will someday make a version of GTA with female protagonist.

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I like the freedom of exploring the world [ Gothic like ] .
I like it when I can set up a party from a few comrades and while out there they start to talk to each other [ Dragon Age like ] .
I like stories that tend to reveal only near the end of the game not from the start so you are kept in suspense [ Ego Draconis like ] .

I like a lot of features .

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—Freedom of exploration.
—Environment interaction.
—Creating one’s own character (with an option of the sexes).
—More female characters (and not dressed so skimpy). I really don’t like when they make the females wear clothing that looks nothing like armor – how’s a miniskirt and bikin top going to protect me?
—Creating one’s own armor look (like colours and styles).
—Well done storyline.
—@Symbeline’s game.

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Toilet/lunch breaks. Those poor soldiers & mercenaries deserve a bite to eat & a giant crap once in a while, they really do.

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