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If you died right now, what would keep you from moving on?

Asked by Berserker (33475points) June 28th, 2011

In popular ghost beliefs, myth and folklore, a dead person ’‘becomes’’ a ghost due to the following;

They don’t realize they’re dead. Some form of denial.

There’s something they haven’t achieved. An action that should have been done, a message given to someone, or some realization they must make.

Vows or promises not yet fulfilled.

They’re not at peace, and therefore, not ready to move on. Vengeance, hatred, self pity, love, and so forth.

They’ve been cursed. By God, by the Devil, specific events or situations.

Now say you died right now. Think about what your life is like currently. Do any of these apply? Is there something that’s not mentioned that would apply? Or would you move on peacefully?

Forget science. Just gather around the campfire. Humour welcome, of course.

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I want to scare the crap out of some people.

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My deep concern for my beloved wife. I am doing everything I can to make sure she will never want for anything, but you never know… !

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Serious answer: I wouldn’t be able to leave my mother.

Humorous answer: I’d move into a new celebrity’s home each month and watch them shower. Obviously.

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Nobody knows where I hid the cash.

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@CaptainHarley Nice. I wonder how that would work, in ghost form? I mean, keep doing for her what you do now.

@KatawaGrey You should show her this question, and have her convince you that she’d want you to pass on in peace. Actually that’s pretty depressing when you think about it…

@Cruiser Classic lol.

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I’d probably want to haunt my real parents for the rest of their days. I’d give them a bit of hell.

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@KatetheGreat I remember reading about them. If I’m dead then, and you want some extra little help…invoke me forth.

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I haven’t written my will yet, and I don’t want one of my brothers getting a third of my wealth.

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@Symbeline Oh yes we shall! We can also scare the shit out of others in our free time.

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I’d haunt some people who deserve it. And eat yellow snow.

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@chyna Hmm…either get that done now…or do it in the next life!

@KatetheGreat Of course my horse. I like scaring people even right now lol.

@Seelix Eeeeew. XD But yeah, I’m all for the haunting thing.

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It wouldn’t take me long to move on…but not before scaring the piss out of my loved ones.LOL!

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@lucillelucillelucille What, just for the hell of it? Sweet.

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Ghosts are cursed with the inability to finish speaking their favorite word, and the reason they are visiting you late at night.

They can’t finish saying the word Boobs.

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I’d haunt any boy who goes near my daughter until her mid 40’s.

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@Symbeline -Exactly! Why not have alittle fun before you move on?

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@Photosopher Clever man. Lol. Booooooooooooooooo…damn it! XD

@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Wow man, damn!

@lucillelucillelucille Can’t argue that! :)

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@Symbeline I read some jude question earlier tonight about sexual peeking. I will totally take a break when she turns 47.


A stiff body??

Seriously, I’d still feel unfulfilled, because I love life and don’t want it to end. As a wandering soul, I’d probably haunt the living world, desperately trying to breathe the wonderful fresh air, be close to the ones I love, and share in all the fun times together. I’d be the kind of ghost who is friendly but sad.

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My kids are still under 18, and I would be concerned about my ex raising them. I’d want to watch over them and scare the crap out of her every time she steps out of line.

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GQ dear!

I have a clear conscience – I’d move on I hope.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Trying to breathe air…never thought of that. being a ghost must, indeed, suck.

@zenvelo Awesome.

@sea_zen Haven’t found enlightenment yet, have you? XD

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Serious: The ability to whisper to loved ones that all is well and to move on with their lives.
Humorous: Hang out at the old, creepy, dilapidated conference center where I used to work. It had its share of ghosts, so the company would be nice.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Love the serious one. :)

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Yeah, you see now yes? We’re not all that scary.

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I have said it before, here and to my husband, I would stay and haunt my husband. LOL. All that bunk about wanting him to move on and be happy, I want him to miss me terribly. He finds someone new, I am going to freak her out. Seriously, well, I am half serious, but seriously, I would have a hard time never seeing my husband again, but I think if I got a glimpse of heaven, and it looked good, I would go. Once I got there, it would occur to me, just as it did right now, because I thought I was done with my answer, but then I realized I wasn’t, that my father would be devastated. I would worry his sadness would be intolerable, and that he would drive my mother crazy with his suffering. Maybe, I would need to stay to see how he is doing before I moved on? But, honestly, I would not really want to, I would not want the burdern of his sadness, it is enough of a burden that I feel somewhat responsible for his happiness.

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I’d want to stay around and see my kids grow up and protect them the best I can from whatever comes their way—

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Hauntings come in different forms. I might kick it with a troop of Succubi if absolutely necessary.


@Photosopher Yeah, Succubi….. oooooo. ;)

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I would stick around to make sure hubby was telling the truth about there will never be another woman for him after I’m gone.

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I’m good, I’d move on, quickly..I just hope I have a little notice, so my animals arn’t locked in the barn for days. lol

Infact, I joke about dying in my hot tub, but, in reality, it could be a really gruesome find. haha

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I have no idea! : )

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I have no grudges; no one to haunt. I think I’ll just go on and do whatever needs to be done to become a sacred cow in my next life. Moo-oo.

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I’d have one final conversation with everyone I love, and let them know just about everything about my life so they wouldn’t be surprised/disappointed/confused about anything else they found out about me. I’d also let them know we’d meet again some day.

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I need to change my undercrackers, skidmarks after a curry you understand.
This is one of the positives about death, I look forward to finding out what the fuck actually happens, the great unknown finally revealed. Could be a game changer after all.

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@KatawaGrey : I plan to pre-decease you, MyMouse, so feel free to do the celebrity shower thing… ;-)

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My enormous ghost cock.

seriously. it’s like marley’s chain.

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Boy…..must be a really old question, people seemed to be able to actually get in the question without trying to filibusteit with how improbable or impossible it is.

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