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I can’t think of anything substantial that I’d do differently. Um, maybe be more outgoing ..I don’t know.

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Not a damn thing!

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Be more friendly and talkative.

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Build a life centered on abolishing racism… and this because now even if I try the ones around me do not encourage me so .

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Go braless in public, and give up wearing suits, heels, and make-up to work.

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Wear my clown suit in public…again.

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Skip doing my hair and makeup and walk around in pajama pants, tshirts, and heels.

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I would probably drink more.

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Nothing would change for me honestly. I usually do or say something before thinking what someone might think of me for it, whether that’s for the best or the worst.

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There’s a difference between not being judged and not reacting to what you do. For example, someone might not judge you for killing someone else, but they would probably still throw you in jail. Moral judgment is different from practical judgment.

I already do what I think is best for me, including doing things to help others or in consideration of others. It’s not because of how I think people will judge me, good or bad. It’s because I think it is the right thing to do, given all the considerations. People might judge me badly for some of the things I do, but that does not stop me. People might judge me well for some of the things I don’t do, but that doesn’t make me do them.

I think my behavior is little affected by how people judge me. Perhaps the major impact of other people’s judgments is the anxiety I feel about what I do and about not pleasing others. So it isn’t so much something I would do differently as that I would feel differently. I would not feel so anxious that others will not like me because of what I do. I would believe they would be more tolerant.

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If no one would judge me? Hmm, people already judge me…so…maybe I wouldn’t change anything. But I might wear even crazier clothes, show of my “horse” laugh, and wear a book on my head everyday. I would also not worry about how I look anymore. (i.e. my weight, clothing, and my hair, which always looks good.)

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I’d do politics too .

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I’d probably dance more. As it is now, if I’m judged on my dance performances, I’d probably get recommendations to go see a doctor for my ‘seizures’. It’s brutal but at least it’s honest.

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I might be more open and forthcoming about my sexual fantasy perversions. Might not. Sharing them openly may not have the same effect as sharing and expressing them in only the most intimate of circumstance. Some ladies like the idea of having our dirty little secret together. If those were made more public, the attractiveness of exclusivity and mystery would be gone.

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I’d be more outgoing. Sometimes I’m afraid to speak up.

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@Photosopher The exclusivity is because it’s you and her. It doesn’t matter how many other people talk about it or do it. No one can be you and her.

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I wouldn’t change much of anything I do except maybe have pants-free Thursdays more often.

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I would never wear pants again. Ever.
I would exercise in dresses. I would clean in dresses. I would have a closet full of dresses and skirts.

I would tell my friend to stop stalking her ex, screaming at her ex, throwing things at her ex. And I would tie her to the passenger seat of my car to make sure she stopped.

I would bring my pets with me everywhere.

I would eat my usual massive amounts of food in front of guys. (Apparently it’s off putting to see a 125 lb girl chow through soup, salad, multiple bread sticks, appetizers, her entree and yours, and dessert. My friends sure think so, but I don’t care what they think. I’m pretty sure they’re just jealous.)

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Not a thing, I never worry about what people think of me….. I was shy & insecure as a kid but I soon got that knocked out of me when I started school. :-/

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I’d dress a lot more casually.

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dress in sweats and tee shirts to work, maybe not do my hair and wear make up.

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Nothing would change because I already act as if no one is judging me.

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I never wear pants. I don’t even own pants, besides pajamas. Haha. If I can do it, so can you. :)

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I would wear shorts when it’s hot.

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I’d go topless in the summer. It’s too hot here right now.

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Become a full-fledged hippie

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I’d sing and sing and sing out loud. According to my mom, I sound like a screeching cat being strangled when I sing…
I’d also teach my classes while barefoot and allow the kids to be much more expressive and animated about their lessons. Unfortunately, the admin frowns on such things as kids enjoying their education too much.

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@linguaphile “I sound like a screeching cat being strangled when I sing… ”

Like Janice Joplin? Can I be your agent?

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I would never wear a jot of make-up and I would always wear sensible shoes.

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