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How do I control my severe mood swings?

Asked by ChocolateCoveredStarfish (222points) July 2nd, 2011

Lately I’ve been having terrible mood swings – I’ll be completely fine and then in a matter of split seconds I get extremely irritable, cranky and basically turn into a nasty bitch and feel like screaming and crying… sometimes I do. It happens at least once a day and lasts the whole day once it happens. I’m on 20mg of Prozac and 15mg of Mirtazapine so they must not be working well. I have no idea why this is happening and I will be going to see my doctor soon but for the mean time, how do I control my mood? My family and friends are getting pretty upset with me.

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It may be time to see your doctor to see if you need your meds changed or dosage change. You can try to control your mood by listening to relaxion tapes or soothing music, walking or exercise might be beneficial also (to help release those endorphines).

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Call your doctor and explain what is going on. They maybe able to tell you what to do over the phone or ask you to come in. It certainly sounds like your meds are too weak or too strong. You probably can’t do anything about it alone, so call as soon as you can.

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Then both your family and your friends are insensitive to your condition and see it merely as an irritant… Someone (professional) must discover the root of your problem in order to really help you.. Because it’s a process, their inclined to experiment based on their past dealings with similar patients and what they’ve learned so they prescribe medication that they (hope) will be the right combination (according to their diagnosis).. If you still experience the effects you need to inform them asap in order to expand on the medication.. As there are numerous reasons for your condition, there are also numerous medications to treat them successfully, it’s just a matter of finding the correct medication(s) and dosage. It may sound like your a test monkey but it’s the only way to eventually isolate your problem.

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One thing that works if you can discipline yourself to do it is a regular exercise routine. It takes quite a while to take effect—longer than a tri-cyclic antidepressant—about 3 months— but when it kicks in your mood goes up and steadies and you feel smarter and more alive and also look better.

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How’s your diet? Most people overlook just how important diet is in regulating our mood. I tend to suggest things high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and reducing the consumption of legumes, particularly soy and soy-derived products. Can’t hurt, anyway; it’s just good dietary advice in general.

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I wish I could help you, but there are no instant fixes. Mindfulness practice can help you not be so affected by your moods, but that takes practice. Learning to meditate helps. Yoga helps. Exercise. Sleeping regular hours and getting enough sleep. Do not stay up late watching TV or playing computer games or facebooking or whatever. Go to bed at 11. Eat at regular times and cut the fat out of your diet as much as possible. No bacon. No french fries. No pizza. Lots of vegies.

And meds. If you’re having a lot of mood swings, you could have the wrong diagnosis and the prozac could be making you worse. Try to see the doctor sooner if this problem is affecting your relationship with family and friends.

I can’t tell how old you are—or whether you are living on your own or with your parents. Who is responsible for your health care? Who pays for it? Who makes your appointments?

The reason I ask is that if you parents are responsible, you need to talk to them and explain that you are in trouble and need to be seen as soon as possible. Otherwise, you need to advocate for yourself. Although if your parents aren’t helping you, then you have bigger problems than just your mood swings.

Good luck.

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Try focusing on something else. If your mood swings are bothering you too much then you should see a doctor.

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