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Can little dents from hail be removed from a car?

Asked by jaytkay (25810points) July 2nd, 2011

We had the best (or worst, depending on your point of view) hail storm I have ever seen a few days ago. It was amazing. The next morning, the street looked like fall, covered with leaves. But the leaves were green! The hail stripped the leaves off the trees!

And now some of my neighbors’ cars have dimples. It’s not obvious, you have to look at the reflection at the right angle. But it’s unmistakeable. Lots of tiny dents, like a golf ball.

Is there a way to smooth out the dimples?

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One method I’ve seen involved heating up the area with a heat gun. As the area warms it expands and the dent should pop out. (As long as the dent is not too big and you dont burn the paint with the heat gun).

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Paintless dent removal (PDR) is amazing! I had a dent that looked to be caused by a baseball on the hood of the used car I recently bought removed with PDR. I worked with a reputable local body shop and the result is incredible – nobody would ever notice there was a dent.

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Should be able to. I take my car to this place called dent genie.

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Plumber’s helpers usually work well for this size dent.

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I want to ressurect this question as my brand new car just got dimpled by hail. Has anyone had any luck with any home style remedies? PDR is great but I dont want to spend that much money if I can do it myself.

Besides, PDR isnt as fancy as it sounds.

I tried the hair dryer followed by compressed air trick. It did not work at all. The dents are no bigger than an inch.

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Hair drier might not be hot enough.

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