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College how important is it?

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) April 28th, 2008

What are your opinions on the advantages of going to college or even not going? Is college for everyone? (intelligent or not.) Are there any of you out there that did not attend and are still successful and happy? Note: This question is not about me, but merely a question of curiosity.

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I have often thought if I had saved all the money I spent on college and worked more during my college years and invested that money I could have so much more today.

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it dictates the rest of your life

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one of the most successful, talented, and smartest people I’ve ever known only got his associates degree – and then just to experience college for a little while. He now runs his own business (sound engineering) an loves it.

It really does depend, however, on what one wants in life. If you’re not sure what you’d like to do (which is normal), go to college and try to figure it out. In a lot of industries (not all, by any means), college is a halfway house between home and real life.

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im happy without college. i couldve went if i chose too. i still think about going just to get a grasp on some business and spanish. i remodel houses with my dad and grandpa. im 26. those two men have taught me more than i could ever learn in school and they are still teaching me. basically ive learned about 12 different trades from them. no matter what the economy does i know i have the knowledge to do some work that will pay the bills and i get too hangout with a highschool dropout like myself, grandpa, and my dad who i respect more than anyone on the planet. also i help my dad make money so that helps take care of my younger sisters and mom.

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it is today what high school was twenty or thirty years ago. It’s not going to make you a genius, and you might not need it, but chances of realizing financial security are increased by having it.

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I agree with zaid. Although I know it is possible to have a perfectly amazing life and career without a degree, I’ve seen some friends face closed doors because of the lack of a bachelor’s.

I think, however, that is essential to get through school with as little $ expenditure as possible so you’re not mired in option-limiting debt when you’re done. There are several ways to do this. Go to a state school or community college and then transfer to finish up. Get your coursework done in four years or under if you can. Buy used books online and sell them back. Live cheaply and work hard during your summers and part time during the semester if you can.

Finally, go see an adviser very often. You want to make sure you are taking exactly what you need to when you need to. I went to a huge school and while it worked out fine, I graduated without really connecting with any counselors or profs who could write me letters of recommendation or give career guidance. I regret this. I had so many more resources available than I ever took advantage of.

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It seems to be the “assumed” thing to do after HS.. But I think it depends really on what you want to do.

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A college education will get you a great job.

Self Education will make you a fortune.

I can’t remember where I got that, but for me it rings true.

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I personally do not see the major importance of college all though I would not have my current job without it.
The richest people I know never hit college for even a second and two of them are in their early 30’s and make millions.
The odds are small for making a fortune by 30 but if you start your own business when you are 17 by the time you are 30 you should have a good understanding of what makes in to what.
I majored in photojournalism and spent 3 years active in the Army. When I got out I went back to college and started a degree in business while I was also taking online classes at another university. I thought, wow…If I focus on making myself look like the smartest guy on the team without over doing it then I will for sure make tons of money.
The economy crashed and I lost my job as did everyone else in my field and I then found myself competing with people who had degrees for an entry level job almost anywhere.
I started my own business with my wife and we sold it and moved on and we will start another one again soon. I did not need a college degree to do any of that.
I guess I am just rambling but I look at it like this….....
I have a kick ass job right now and it has ZERO to do with my major.

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Personally I didn’t go the ‘classic’ route. I decided not to get a degree before hitting the job market, but have done a barrage of training through the jobs I’ve had and am currently working on 2 part time college courses – one is work-related, the other more of a hobby.
It’s worked out pretty well for me, but then, I’m in a place where many job postings require the educational OR practical background.
I know of other places where I’d struggle to land an entry level job without a degree (but, give me 1–3 more years and that won’t be an issue)

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The piece of paper called a “degree” provides some stability in a turbulent work-force. My older sister recently lost a job, where she was making decent money. Unfortunately, she lost it, and without a degree, she is most likely going to take a job that pays half of what she was making – because she doesn’t have a “specialization” or “education” in a specific field. There are also low ceilings on jobs without a degree. You may hit a higher pay level quickly, but it’s hard to go beyond that in industry or service. With a degree you up your chances of advancement.

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The education you get in college can be good or bad, depending on a lot of factors (you, the school, your major, etc.). It can, but doesn’t always, provide an easier route to a good job (meaning one in a field you enjoy, that pays relatively well). College graduates on average make more money than people who don’t go to college. Of course, that’s just on average—there are always exceptions, and in this case there are many. Also, education shouldn’t only be seen as a means to making money. Education is a good thing in-and-of itself.

Another important aspect of college is the social experience. Many people regard college as some of the best years of their lives, and that’s not a coincidence. It’s an opportunity for young adults to spend a few years between childhood and the full responsibilities of the adult world.

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As of late, the bachelors degree has become the new high school diploma. This is not, however, to say that college is for everyone. One of my best friends only went to some summer classes at college and he is quite successful. On the other hand, many people I know who did go to college are quite successful. It really depends on what you want to do and how good you are with business. If you are quite knowledgeable about your desired topic and have some business savvy you can start up your own trade without a degree. But if you want to work under someone and want immediate insurance benefits and don’t have much business savvy or lack the “entrepreneurial spirit,” a degree might be in your best interests depending on your area of desired expertise. I personally plan on starting up my own engineering firm, but I want a firm knowledge of the topic, so I am getting a masters first and I may work under a company for some time before I start my own practice. So it really depends on what you want to do career wise.

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i think some people can be largely successful without ever going to college. other people need more of a direction though. it depends but both can work.

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