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Gadgets of the future, what's on your wish list?

Asked by ucme (46712points) July 3rd, 2011

I believe I can fly….. I want me one of those babies!!
Your turn…...

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I am looking forward to a computer that can read minds. This is currently being worked on.
Since my son is autistic and has difficulty expressing his emotions this would be a blessing for me.
I am looking forward to Robots that help with cleaning and care taking.

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1. Lip gloss that prevents your hair from getting stuck in it.
2. Molecular transportation, the kind in the Jetsons.
3. Something to just melt off my flab without the need for invasive surgery.
4. Painless tattoos

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I want my own PQC (personal quantum computer).

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Inter-universe teleportation. One of those zap-py thingies.

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Faster internet.

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My own personal Optimus Prime transformer vehicle and personal bodyguard.

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A personal transporter like Star Trek.

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I’d settle for a simple explanation of why I might want various features on a kindle.

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A brain implant that will hold basic reference materials (charts, conversion tables, dictionaries, etc.) so that I can spend less time on memorization and more time on actual thinking.

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An instant freezer, something like a microwave oven, that quickly lowers the temperature of what’s inside.

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I would really like a purse to be invented that could carry an infinite number of items without becoming heavy or filled.

That would rock my world.

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