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How would I go about getting a job in security?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15719points) July 4th, 2011

I’m a full time Psychology/Criminal Justice student and when classes start in the Fall, I will need to find a part time job to replace my full time job. I think it would be good to break into the CJ field early by working in security.

I’m a very unintimidating female with no upper body strength, so your run-of-the-mill security guard job isn’t going to be for me—I’d never get hired. However, I know there are places out there that have people who watch security cameras, walk around to make sure nothing fishy is going on, providing escorts, etc. I just don’t know how I’d go about getting a job like that.

Are there security companies who provide these types of employees to other companies or is security hired just like every else in that company? I never see job openings like this, so is there a certain way or certain places I can find them?

It would need to be part time, second shift. I can’t work all night while I’m a student and I can’t work during the day while I’m in class. 25 hours a week will be awesome. My school isn’t hiring any new cadets. Would a job like this even exist or should I just focus on finding any job that will help me get through school?

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Security companies handle the monitoring for many big companies. The pay sucks, but I am sure they would hire you if you were willing to put up with the crappy hours and pay. Just go through the phone book and start applying.
We hire a courtesy patrol to go through our apartments, and I would much rather have a thorough small framed woman that a big hefty loaf that just drives through then takes a nap. Most of the time they don’t want you to be confrontational anyway, just alert the authorities when needed.

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@Judi How bad does the pay suck, exactly? haha. I really want relevant work experience to increase my employability after graduation, but I also have bills to pay.

I’m planning on doing both volunteer work and AT LEAST one summer internship (two if I can swing it) with our Department of Juvenile Justice. If I get an unrelated job, like another customer service job, do you think the other experience would suffice when I go job-searching? I’m hoping to be a probation officer after graduation.

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My son worked for little more than minimum wage. You might get a tad more working security in a retail store.

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The Security Guards that wear a uniform and work for agencies receive minimum wage unless they have been around long enough to become shift leaders, then they earn a few dollars more. It is better to look for something in a large company with it’s own force.

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You apply. That’s it. Most security jobs have really low standards.

And I’ve never seen a security job that paid minimum wage, but never any that paid much more without having to be armed.

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