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Is there a way to mess up my ipod touch while jailbreaking?

Asked by gpinoy (4points) April 28th, 2008

I tried using ziphone and i restarted about 2 times..will this mess up my ipod?

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Nope, it’s normal for the iPod to restart while Jailbreaking. Plus, if anything terrible does happen you can always hook it up to iTunes and restore it.

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@ breefield: i already unplugged and plugged in my iPod but strange codes appear on the screen, and iTunes is not able to find my Ipod. btw. this was after i stopped the process twice while it was jailbreaking

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Dude I hope your iPod isn’t messed up cuz you stopped it while you were jailbreaking it….I have no clue what you did to it.

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Hum…I haven’t jailbroken my iPod anytime recently. I’d suggest restoring it and waiting a month for the appstore to come out.

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@breefield: is there a way to restore or reset my ipod without connecting it to the computer?

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