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Why is the brake pedal in the new Buick Regal so squishy?

Asked by sroyal (4points) July 4th, 2011

I looked at new a Buick Regal and found its brake pedal to go right to the floor instead of being firm. I was told that the government mandated that this because they did not want people to stop suddenly when braking and that all cars will be this way from now on.. I find this hard to believe. The brakes felt very unsafe.

Any thoughts?

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Sounds like BS to me. The only times my brake pedal went to the floor were after losing a brake line and half my brake fluid.

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This was obviously a line. A brake pedal that goes to the floor is not correct and should be taken back for service until you are satisfied.

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I agree with @jerv – that’s BS. You should tell that person that this kind of BS is why the American car industry is in the dumps. Never buy a car from this person!

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A car should be capable of 60–0 in under 200 feet. My old Corolla built with 1980’s solid disc front/drums on the rear can do that, and my brakes are weak by todays standards. (I take about 190-ish, or about the same as a full-size truck that weighs three times what my car does, while most cars are closer to 160, and sports cars around 110.}

Any vehicle that cannot do that is unsafe, at least in the hands of an average driver.

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