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Where can I find information on schizophrenia?

Asked by squirbel (4297points) July 4th, 2011

This topic is very rarely discussed on the web. I’ll be making visits to the library this week – but what can I find on the web?

I’m most often an excellent researcher but this one has me stumped. It feels as though everyone has copied from the same source.

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Did you put schizophrenia into the fluther search? There have been some very good discussions. Some of our jellies are schizophrenic and we have had some great answers from our medical professionals who work in the psychiatric field as well.

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@squirbel The site @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard posted is very good but what kind of information are you looking for exactly? The science, biology, psychology of it? Information on being a friend or loved one of someone with schizophrenia? My brother is schizophrenic and there is a lot of information out there, some of it good, some of it not and mental illness, well there are people, doctors and psychiatrists too, who have one or another particular agenda, it’s not easy to wade through it all.

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I’m looking for research done.

- Parent
– Child
– Relationships
– Children of schizophrenics and their future relationships

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Try this link, it has some really good information about what is really going on with schizophrenia.

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Google Scholar is mostly how you’re going to find scholarly articles, unless you’re a student and have access to databases. If you don’t, shoot me a PM and I can see if I do.

Psychopathology among offspring of parents with schizophrenia: Relationship to premorbid impairments(08)00147–3/abstract (2008).

Perception of parent–child relationships in high-risk families, and adult schizophrenia outcome of offspring (2001)

Effects of marital discord on the school behavior of children of schizophrenic, affectively disordered, and normal parents by Robert Emery, Sheldon Weintraub and John M. Neale (admitedly, 1982, so a bit more out of date than I personally care for).

Children of depressed parents: An integrative review. by Downey, Geraldine; Coyne, James C., 1990.

Unfortunately, most of the studies are either on the organic causes of schizophrenia or on the effects of having a child that’s schizophrenic, not a parent (probably at least in part because it’s so much easier to study parents than children). And for studies of children whose parents have schizophrenia and their subsequent relationships, that’s at least a 30 year study, minimum.. But, there’s probably lots of anecdotal stuff on various forums for children of schizophrenics.

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Ok, so I asked a psychologist grad student friend of mine (she’s staring her internship and in the middle of her paper; she’ll never be as good at researching things as she is right now). Her response was to check Google Scholar with phrases like “schizophrenic mother” “schizophrenic father” “child of” “intergenerational patterns”, etc. She says that she knows lots of studies of children with schizophrenic mothers have been done, and there’s a good chance that there’s been a few studies on how schizophrenic parents (or mothers) affect the relationships children have. And just the first page of the first search looks like it has some really good results. And the friend can be of more use in a couple days, when both her and her computer have dried out from the holiday drinking…

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Thank you @Aethelflaed! I’m already an avid user of Google Scholar and my library’s access to journals – but that will help greatly!

Pass on the thanks to your friend!

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