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Do I need a visa to get to the USA?

Asked by kittykat219 (136points) July 5th, 2011

I am a 15 year old British citizen that lives abroad.
From August 3rd to 28th, I am going to go visit a friend in the US.
Someone told me that I many need a visa? Is this true? And if it is where can I get one (as I am not living in Britain?)

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Here’s the US embassy’s info on it. If your passport indicates you are a British Overseas Citizen then you will need a visa.

If in doubt contact the US embassy in the country you’re in at the moment.

Did you get your passport sorted?

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If you have a British passport you should be able to visit for 90 days under the visa waiver programme. They have tightened up however and you will need to have your travel authorised

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The UK is part of the US Visa Waiver Program.

It only matters what country you are a citizen of, but not where you are travelling from. You WILL have to state what country you are leaving from in the application.

The applications are done online and you have to do this at least 48 hours before your travel. It costs 15 USD. Make sure you write down your confirmation application number and bring a record of payment, like a bank statement print out if you go back to the website and it doesn´t give you a ´completed or approved´ status after 48 hours.

When I completed this for my son, the website didn´t work and it was sooooo frustrating. But you have to do it.

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Correct, 90 days with the previous ESTA-Application… this is for all EU-States…

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