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Has the re-emergence of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controvercy and his recent interviews hurt Barack Obamas chances to be President?

Asked by Adina1968 (2747points) April 28th, 2008
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No way! But I do think he should just keep quiet

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I think the damage has already been done for the most part. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama has to distance himself from and renounce Rev. Wright in the near future.

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Yes it has people don’t forget easily. I still think he will win without my vote though.

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he’s like al sharpten but more enthustiastic

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I hate to be a knee jerk reactionary, but I was appalled by the clips that I saw. The comments concerned me not only from a (dare I say it) patriotic standpoint, but also – what kind of minister preaches such vitriol and hate?!?

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the best kind of religious leader is one who preaches peace and religion,not politics and hate.enough with the blame games and let’s learn to love one another.

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@syz and afghanmoose: my guess is you guys have only seen the clips. If that’s not the case i apologize. If it is, please inform yourselves by clicking the links above. As far as the patriotism argument, I think it is very patriotic to critique your country in an effort to make it live up to its potential and promise. Further, like Wright himself says, those who critique his patriotism have used their positions of privilege to avoid military service while he served 6 years.

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It always amazes me how oblivious some people are to some black people’s fundamental distrust of whites.

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peace,not war,instigating is just as bad,I mean if I watchedhis videos in a spiritual way them I wouldnt really have a problem,until he starts bringing up the government and racism,would do all of that have to do with religion

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How about Sarah Palin and Pastor Thomas Muthee?

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