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Trying to identify a movie phenomenon...

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) July 8th, 2011

So in certain movies, there is a place that the characters are trying to get to; or one they end up at. Always a physical place. A destination that is regarded as the last hope, the final stand, usually in the face of near impossible odds.

I am looking for two things:
What is this phenomenon? theme? motif? (<—best word for this?) called?

I need some more examples!


plot info for movies you maybe havent seen follow:

In I Am Legend they believe there is hope (to the north?). Ends up being at Bethel, VT

In Book Of Eli there ends up being a museum/safehouse inside Alcatraz prison where the worlds treasures are being amassed and safeguarded. (The Holy Books, art masterpieces, etc)

In Children Of Men the characters are hoping there is a real thing called “The Human Project” that they can get the miracle child to and try to save the human race. (although this one isnt really a place, but still what I’m looking for.

In The Matrix humanity’s last underground city is called “Zion”.

In The Lord Of The Rings they make a stand at Helm’s Deep, kind of the same idea, although the preservation of society element isn’t present.

PS I am a prodigal jelly from a long time ago, I searched and searched and then remembered the obvious answer would be to tap the collective!

Thanks Jellies!

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It’s called Midian.

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@Neizvestnaya can you elaborate? A quick read through the wiki article for Midian and I still dont get it.

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Interesting question but I’m not sure I follow.

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@AshlynM perhaps this thing doesn’t have just one name.

Help me flesh out the idea, some different names that work for it.

last line of defense
safe harbor

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In lay terms it could be called (using your own word) plot destination.

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In Dark City, it is Shell Beach.
In Chinatown, well, it’s eponymous.
In Lost Horizon, it’s Shangra-La.

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@filmfann three films I’ll have to watch! Thanks!

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should I have put this in the serious section? Can I repost it there?

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Hope, as you say, and finality, usually accompanied by a showdown of some sort, put into symbolism one can see.

I wish we alcoholics had that. Instead of bottles I mean. XD

I’m pretty sure there’s a trope for what you’re talking about. Too lazy to look around, but it’s a cool site if you feel like checking it out. It’s got everything about movie elements and stuff.

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Best words I can come up with are Salvation/Sanctuary.
It’s basically some “promised land” dream the incumbents strive to attain to.

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Look up some links to Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge too. Film makers love to build around a healing place, a place where there will be answers or information necessary to go forward. It would be too easy and corny for them to build around a Garden of Eden endpoint.

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