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Does anyone know where to find out what the current music playing in Abercrombie and fitch is?

Asked by johnny (335points) April 29th, 2008

There is a certain song that i want to know who the artist is, but no one in abercrombie seems to know and i’ve been to three of the stores around where i live. I’ve been in A&F like four times in the past three weeks and ive heard the same song i want every time i go into that store. if any of you know any of the current artists, playlists, or information about the stores’ music, please tell.

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Do you go in there for the song, or do you actually like that store?

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I actually like the store. All I pretty much wear is abercrombie and true religion.

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Go to their website & click on a&f playlist. Search it. Thats really the only place that I know of that might produce the results you’re looking for.

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haha that happened to me too. I love their mixes.

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Theres alot of good stuffs playing in Abercrombie, the one I really like is MERCY by Duffy

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