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Can I download a forum for offline viewing?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) July 9th, 2011

Is there any way that I can download a forum for offline viewing like as an ebook or pdf document or something?

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I’ve copied HTML files from a forum that I thought was going to be deleted. You could try that.

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You could run wget -r <url> or use a GUI website downloader such as HTTrack if you take @incendiary_dan‘s advice.

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I used wget to get all the stuff on fluther. It took forever but it worked. And if you use wget make sure to use something like —wait=20 so you don’t hammer the server.

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I want to download a forum not as HTML but as a PDF document. How to do that?

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You’ll need to download the HTML first and convert to PDF as a second step. Note that a developed forum with 1,000+ members may have hundreds of thousands of pages and will likely result in a multi-GB PDF file.

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I downloaded wget.exe as I have window xp and installed But I don’t know what to do next? Do I have to write some command in command prompt? The forum will have different url’s for different sections/topics.So what command should I use?

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Open a command prompt, and make sure wget is installed under a PATH variable. In other words, simply type wget to see if it spits out a few lines of text. If not, you’ll have to replace the command with C:\...\wget.exe.

Next, create a folder which will store the HTML files and navigate to the directory with cd <dir>. (You may drag the folder from your desktop or Windows Explorer to the command prompt to automatically write the directory name after typing cd.) Then execute something like wget -r —wait=2 (That’s two hyphens before wait. Fluther typesets it as an en dash.)

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nothing is showing in that folder now…I didn’t let the process to complete because I guess we can continue with it later? I stopped it ans wanted to see what has been downloaded, I can’t find anything.

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That’s odd. If it looked as if it was downloading tons of files, they’re probably on your computer somewhere. If you find them, you should be able to run the command again (possibly with -c after the wget command), but if not you can try HTTrack to see if you will have more luck.

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yeah it looked like it already had downloaded many files but the folder in which they were supposed to be was empty.

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