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Can I ice my broken foot whenever I want? (details)

Asked by redfeather (6507points) July 11th, 2011 from iPhone

I broke my foot Friday night. It’s still quite swollen and painful as I have not yet had it treated. ( I have an appointment today) can I just keep ice on it? As long as I don’t let my skin get too cold? Or will that damage it?

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“First aid” for sprains is RICE:

I’m sure that some of those treatments will work for a minor break, too, of course: Rest and Elevation especially. “Rest” is obvious. “Elevation” to help avoid swelling as blood flows to the low (and now rested) joint.

I would imagine that “Compression” to aid in keeping down the swelling would help if it were light enough. (You certainly wouldn’t want to compress a displaced fracture! But I can’t imagine that you’ve had a displaced fracture for three days without treatment, either.)

For the same reasons as above, I think that moderate icing would assist in numbing the pain. Use an ice bag separated from your skin by a folded towel.

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20 minutes is usually the time period for ice or heat applications.

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@CWOTUS I remember RICE from my soccer days ;) I went to urgent care and they just x-rayed it and wrapped it. I cracked metatarsals and I’m suspecting I pulled a muscle or ligament or something because the way my foot rolled and now my ankle won’t really bend.

@john65pennington how long should I wait in between icing?

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On for 20 minutes, off for 20 minutes . . .

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I went to the doctor. I have a sprained ankle, torn ligament, and a broken displaced metatarsal. Surgery next week :(

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Oh dear dear @redfeather , I’m so sorry :(
Hey, if it helps, I can’t bend my ankle either. Good luck for the surgery.

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Haha aw @MilkyWay thanks :) I’m gonna paint flames on my boot. Just decided

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My friend was so sweet, he took me to the hospital and sat with me on his birthday

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That’s what you call a true friend :)

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I would dig out the old Bedazzler so you can make something of the hospital-issued footwear (just sayin’)

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If only I had one! I’d bedazzle the hell out of it!

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