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How do you make sure you don't fall down walking? See deatil.

Asked by flo (13313points) February 28th, 2020

Other than look what you step on, and wearing proper shoes/boots that is?

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When I am backpacking I use hiking poles.

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Avoid icy and snowy sidewalks.

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The duck walk.

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I don’t get drunk.

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I wear a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes and use a cane.

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By far the easiest way is to be aware of your surroundings and look down at the surface. Staring at your phone, or looking at something else, is a recipe for disaster.

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I don’t trim my big toes off.

Not falling down is pretty automatic for most people/

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I was just told that if you have concerns about falling, like maybe you are older and your balance isn’t as good as it was, or you are a little shaky, that when walking down a step or off a curb, it is much safe to step down sideways.

For myself, I watch where I am going.

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Watch where you are going, or go where you are watching…

Walk with an idea, of your abilities.
For example. I have huge feet. So. I am careful, when walking down stairs. I walk kind of sideways. It maximizes the surface area, I’m walking on.
Toes, are vital for balance control. So. If I’m walking down stairs, and only my heels are really making contact, I change my approach, to make sure my toes are in direct contact with the surface.
Wearing shoes/footwear, that fit the surface is wise. You want as much grip/friction, as possible.

I tend to choose my footwear, for the surfaces I’m most likely to be walking on. I have multiple pairs of shoes. Some are for walking on slippery surfaces. Some are for walking on loose terrain.
Sometimes, it’s better to go barefoot.
Women, wear a lot of high heels. These shoes, are not good for anything…
Then. There is ankle support.
High tops, or boots, can make a fall less likely, in certain situations.
If you have weak ankles, lace your shoes up tight.
There are a plethora, of different types of feet. A shoe insert, for your type of foot, could do wonders. They will aid your mobility, and even help with back problems.

If you have problems with walking, in general. A cane, can help.

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Thanks @all, Anything else other than the ones mentioned?

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^Is there a specific issue, you are having trouble with? Walking, is fairly general. Are you having problems with a certain surface, or stairs?

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@MrGrimm888 It’s a general question.

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You can have another person walk beside you and hold their arm for balance.
I have seen knee scooters for people with a broken foot.

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@YARNLADY Did you see my last post?

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Trying to stay sober by any means necessary. Pay attention to the ground & Look out for banana peels too!

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