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Is there a TV show or movie out there that ruined the fantasy or horror concept for you?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) July 11th, 2011

While enjoying watching an episode of HBO’s “True Blood”, a series I follow since I love vampire stories, I started getting the feeling that somehow, the strong element of horror brought by the vampire concept seem to have diminished within me.

In the True Blood universe, vampires live among ordinary humans, a metaphor for a minority population attempting to be accepted and given equal rights. Is there any movie or tv show out there that you thought ruined the horror or fantasy concept for you? : )

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I used to think Star Trek was a comedy.
Many people want to use their invisi-ray gun on me when I start making fun of that genre. :)

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Yeah, when I was a kid I imagined frogs would have this croaky, kind of macho type voice.
Along comes Kermit & blows all that away with a nasal twang that makes me want to kick a goat XD

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Don’t be dissin True Blood, yo!

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Scary Movie (all of them) ruined the concept of satire for me.

Hmmmm Buffy the movie wasn’t so great either.

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Two words: sprinting zombies.

For me the appeal of the zombie was that idea of the slow, relentless horde that although easy to deal with one-on one, could overwhelm you with sheer numbers. That made them more nightmarish for me. Once they start running around like Olympic sprinters, they lose that whole “I’m dead, therefore I shuffle” thing and become less credible as a reanimated corpse (to me.)

When there’s no more room in Hell, the dead will… jog the Earth? mmkay.

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@atomicmonkey Great observation. Agree. That movie 28 Days Later started that sprinting zombie I think. Or maybe they should just be given a different name like Blurzerks or Sprintonks or whatever.

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@mazingerz88 I totally blame 28 Days Later. I have no problem with the ‘infected’ running around like freight trains in that movie because it makes sense for the (rage virus) premise. Technically they’re not zombies (not being dead) but I think it belongs in the zombie genre. Maybe a viral sub genre, along with ‘I Am Legend,’ ‘Quarantine/Rec’ and ‘The Crazies.’

What I DO have a problem with is Hollywood seeing 28 Days Later and saying “Hey! Faster = scarier!” And then giving us the Dawn of the Dead remake. There’s things about that movie I like (mostly in the final reel) but the energetic zombie aint one of them. Zombieland? Too fast.
The Walking Dead? Borderline.

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@atomicmonkey They are filming World War Z right now. I liked the book so I hope they don’t mess up this one. Without a doubt this zombie story is epic.

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Agreed about the zombies. Mind you, I love all zombies. But the classic shuffling zombie will always have a special place in my heart. Zombies had to do a lot to get out of the gutter after Michael Jackson ridiculed them. (zombie movies near that video’s prime wouldn’t even use the word zombie, since it became associated with buffoonery, so they were called ’‘those things’’...which is a very pretty touch)
But they returned, mostly through Romeroesque influence, as haunting creatures that are so fucking slow you could just walk past them. But in the end…you’ll go mad, and probably won’t escape. They will get you… I think it’s art, and such a frightening concept. But the classic zombie has been ruined by sprinter ninja zombies.

It’s a genre of its own, and I like it for what it is, but I don’t like how when people think of zombies, they think of the modern zombie. As @atomicmonkey points out, most of those movies don’t actually feature ’‘corpses’’. A zombie is a corpse. Period. In the classic movies, a human will die before rising as the dead. I guess we all just want more action and speed, and I’m not saying it can’t be freaky, or has no ambiance or atmosphere. But it ain’t zombies. And neither are zombies who learn how to talk and use firearms. What the fuck?

Well…there was Bub. But that was slow, and had character. Corny, but awesome. The relationship between man and zombie; a lot more effective in the disturbance factor than some zombie using a missile launcher because hey! What the fuck could be cooler?

This reminds me about how Castlevania Lords of Shadow is every cool action game from the last and current gaming generations, but has nothing to do with castles or vampires.

The shuffling zombie is the epitome of awesome when it comes to walking corpses, and seeing the industry go today, it’s almost but a fuckin memory.

It hasn’t ruined the concept of horror for me, because horror is a lot of things, and I’ll like the shittiest crap that’s out there, because horror and I are soul mates. I accept its differences, and what it tries to explore. But I’ll mention this unsatisfactory zombie definition transition because I particularly love zombies, and their evolution is a blow to the heart.

There are still movies about classic slow zombies out there…but I barely ever hear anything positive about them. Eh.

I’m just bothered by how the root is neglected. I love Zombieland and 28 Days, I just don’t approve of stuff like that now defining zombie.

But maybe I take it too seriously lol. Horror always has a way to show every single bit of its cycle. In ten years from now, slow zombies will be the rage again.

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@Symbeline “horror and I are soul mates.” Bound to be classic! ( Hey may I use this line in my script? )

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True Blood and Twilight made vampires shitty.

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