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Any speculation what's going to happen in season 5 of The Walking Dead?

Asked by antimatter (4392points) June 1st, 2014

Season 4 ended with a real cliff hanger, lets hope the Network won’t cancel it.

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Well, it is confirmed that the next season is the last. I’m not sure what will happen but I am pretty sure some people will die.

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Only 5 seasons? Well, between that and Sons of Anarchy ending I can cancel my cable.

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I don’t get it. Why is the next season the last-? Thought it was making money and the interest sure is still there. Ratings that bad-?

Anyway, no speculation whatsoever. Why I like the show. Unpredictable to me. :)

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It’s pretty easy to guess that the people of Terminus are cannibals.

I just read that a major character will die in season 5. Possibly Glenn. I can’t find any news that this will be the last season.

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Anyone here read the comics? Curious if they are accurate to the TV show.

Only watched the show myself.

Haven’t heard anything about this being the last season. That would really suck. I mean when Rick ripped the guys neck apart with a bite. Did not see that coming! 4 seasons in and I’m still shocked by it at times.

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Huh. I can’t find anything that indicates season five is the last. It has been renewed for season five. Where did you get this information?

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They mentioned it on the Talking Dead show that airs after it.

It was also on the wikipedia page but has been removed.

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Hmm. I watch that show and I don’t remember hearing that. You would think it would be found in writing somewhere else. I can’t find it.

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