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Why do I sweat more than my family?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) July 11th, 2011

Okay, I sweat really easily. I’m serious! I live in East Texas and it gets HOT here. If I go outside for more than thirty seconds to a minute in the summer, my underarms get sweaty and I get itchy. I’m not even kidding, thirty seconds! It’s horrible because it’s too expensive to keep the house lower than 79 degrees and I get sweaty in the house! My sister’s boyfriend sweats a lot too. He says it’s because his body temperature is higher than the normal person. So, why do I sweat so easily?

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Possibly overactive sweat glands? It sounds pretty nasty mate, try and get it seen to by a Doctor!

I’m not a hypochondriac, you’re not going to die, I just think it must be horrible to live with.

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Buy Certain Dri antipersperant. Really works, read the directions.

Also Dove makes a clinical stregnth. I haven’t tried it, but it should work better than regular antipersperant.

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You don’t sweat more…they just sweat less than you! Their problem not yours!

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If you are less than entirely fit, you’ll have more insulation around what amounts to your internal furnace.

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Too many reason. Glandular problem, or like you mentioned about your sister boyfriend, your body temperature runs a bit warmer, or you drink a lot of water and your body is simply doing what its suppose to do, or your overweight or have high blood pressure. Or it could simply be everyone else in your family doesn’t drink enough water, or they really don’t do much, or they are really thin, or their body temperature is a bit lower. Muscles also come into play.
My husband and son always would have a temperature of 98.6 to 99. My daughter and I are usually around 97.5. The guys can exercise for a short time and they begin to sweat a lot. It can take my daughter and I longer time to begin to sweat. It will even take longer if we aren’t well hydrated.
You might want to take cool showers and wear cotton clothing to help with the itching.

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It’s normal for some to be in the high league of those who sweat a lot.

I sweat a lot too .. I even sweat when eating [ and I have to say I eat SLOW and for a soup I need like 15 minutes to finish it .. so yeah I sweat ^^ ] .

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It could be your youthful hormones besides your youthful metabolism at play here.

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Sounds like you have hyperhydrosis – medical terminology for consistently sweating a lot. If you’re embarrassed about sweating in a certain area (pits, hands, etc.) a doctor can prescribe a topical medication called Hypercare that is extremely effective. It’s not great for you to use, but it stops the sweating and the embarrassment in social situations.

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