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I love @Faidle!!! :D:D:D
Best. Cousin. Ever.
We need to hang out soon, by the way. (That’s what I’m doing about it.)

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1. She’s a daughter, a sister, a velvet child, and her mind is vast and free.

2. By eating ice cream, and sitting on swings.

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Haha. I love you too. And yes, indeed, we do.
That’s cute. :) Great answer. Haha.

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I love too many people to go and list them all here, but I do everything I can to show them how I feel on a regular basis.

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I am going to throw the one I love to the floor and make him scream like a little girl. ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille I’m afraid to ask…..hahaha

but for me it’s my dearest girlfriend, and I’m making her happy. Making her shine that beautiful smile! And I need to ask something to my mom…But I can’t…

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I love my wife, I love my kids & god dammit…... I love my life!!
What am I doing about it? Enjoying every single moment as if it were my last, uh huh, oh yeah!

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My wife of course and am on day 4 of a week long kid free love marathon! Last night was in home massages followed by candle light jacuzzi and tonight is an even bigger surprise!

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I love my family and my pets.
I support, protect and provide them with everything I can happily.

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My best friend… I married her. My children and grandchildren… I visit them as often as possible. My friends… I’m always there if they need me.

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I love my boyfriend and I make sure he knows it.

I also love Cher and I spend more money than I should as a result of this.

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I love sex so I do it [ sometimes even above my limits ]
I love gaming so I play games .
I love my God so I talk to Him most of the time .
I love my friends so I do as much as I can for them when they need me .

I love a lot of things .

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I love my children and my grandchild. They know it, so I don’t really do anything about it, except to be there. On the other hand, there is someone I like a lot and I often tell her so.

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I love to be able to get in a car or jump on a plane and visit friends and family. By not getting distracted by wanting a car with payments or a nicer or bigger home and paying everything in cash then I’ll be able to get back to that lifestyle.

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1. I love my girlfriend
2. I’m doin’ ‘er. (and, laughing with her, and growing with her).

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1. I love my fiance (affectionately referred to on this site as Mrs. C)
2. I’m going to marry her

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1. I love him.
2. There’s not really anything I can do. I tried but decided to give up when I realized I wasn’t going to get anywhere.

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I love my children and miss them as they live away from me.
I love the wrong person who says one thing and does the opposite so I am out in the cold.
You can’t help who you love, but it sure does hurt.
So then you get lonely.
But I love my friends.
But feel pathetic.

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My son.
I support him in all that he does to futher his goals in life, whatever that entails.
Finding happiness in his life is paramount , and I try to help whenever I can too.

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Just got some movement on this question after a long time. It’s april 8th now… and I’ll be celebrating my first wedding anniversary on the 21st. So that’s what I’ve done about it so far.

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Well, based on my previous response I’ve come to the realization that I hardly ever visit this site (which was always like a second home), and that there are a lot of new faces and a slightly different tone. I may have to return more often to get the lay of the land.

Update: Since my last post on this thread, I came close to celebrating a 5th wedding anniversary, but was officially divorced one month (almost to the day) before being able to do so. A year has past since that happened, and I have had to do a lot of growing, soul searching, healing and moving on (literally and figuratively). I am very happy now, in a new relationship of almost one year.

I wonder when if I’ll ever get/need to revisit this post again.

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