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Any tips for bike painting?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11723points) July 12th, 2011

I want to paint my bike. I’d rather use a brush than spray paint it. I’ve looked online, and most of the results I’ve seen only give instructions for spray paint, and suggest taking the bike apart. I’d like to keep it intact. Has anyone painted their bike? What kind of paint do you use? Can you paint inside the tires? The handlebars (not the grips, of course). Thanks!

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Using a brush, you will have brush marks. Not taking the bike apart will make the job take longer.

I’m going to assume you’re looking for a fast and cheap method since you don’t want to spray or take apart the bike.

I paint some bikes that I use as flower holders/decoration in my yard. I use Rustoleum on them and it lasts well. You could use the Rustoleum spray cans if you simply taped/tape and papered the parts you don’t want to paint.

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My tip is to follow the instructions in the first place and get it done right. Take apart the bike and spray the frame.

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I think you should spray it too.It will have a better finish.Practice first because too close will get you an “orangepeel” surface and too far away will be dry spray.

You can also use masking tape to put interesting graphics on the frame….and you should take the bike apart.
Do the job the right way and you will be happier with the results:)

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Depends on the intended effect. If you want a paintjob that is so distinctive no one would ever steal it then use the brush and paint everything but the powertrain and the rims where the brakes grab them. Colorful tape can achieve similar results.

If you want something normal and nice follow above recommendations above to take it apart and spray it.

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The thing is, I’m a tenant in a house and I doubt my landlady wants spray paint on her lawn/screen porch/anywhere else I do it. I will use Rustoleum for the main coat, but there will be a lot of detail work. Can I get small rustoleums in bright colors?

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Yes. Our local ACE Hardware sells small cans, and they carry small paint cans for model building. Check your local hardware store in the paint & in the craft section.

BTW: If you spray paint on a non windy day with a tarp or plastic sheeting down, your over spray will not go on her lawn ;)

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