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If you were insanely wealthy, would you ever bother to fly commercial?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) July 13th, 2011

Imagine you were wealthy, I mean wealthy enough so that owning a jet gave you as much thought as owning a lawn mower, would you bother to fly commercial? Thinking of this question “here”:, I had the thought if I were rich enough to own a Gulfstream G650, G500, Challenger 300, Citation X, or similar jet, I would never fly commercial. Why put up with pat downs, the ”see-all” scanner, being told how much stuff you can carry or pay through the nose to do it, being subject to cardboard tasting food, and horrendous in-flight movies? Why put up with not being allowed to smoke if you have that habit, having to sneak around if you wanted to get frisky Mile High Club, loud snoring passengers, chatty Cathy passenger, screaming kids, and crying babies less it be your own? What would make you fly commercial if you really had the means not to?

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Absolutely not. I’d just fly first class.

The thing is, I’m so careful with my money that I wouldn’t do something like that. I’d rather donate money to a greater good. I’d give it to those who can’t even afford 3 meals a day rather than treating myself to a greater comfort.

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I hate flying. I would just have stuff come to me.

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I would never, ever set foot in a public air port again in my life if I had that much money. There is nothing I hate more than checking my bags, waiting if an hour long line to have someone look at what amounts to my naked body without my consent (Except for the consent that is implied.) to get on a smelly airplane, be cramped in, and wait for the plane to take off, to wait to land, and then wait to clear customs.

And spending money is good for the economy. I would buy an American private jet and hire a staff and help out many people’s lives that way.

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Honestly I wouldnt need anything crazy like that. Id rather just have a small plane that I could fly around myself. Id find that much more fun.

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@uberbatman :: Be honest with yourself. You would get high and think planes work the same underwater?

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@uberbatman How would you get it from San Fran to Tokyo, or NY to Paris?

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I would not go near a commercial airport unless I had to. A private plane would be lovely. I’ll wish for it when I blow out the candles on my next birthday cake.

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I’d definitely buy a private jet, and I’d have nude flight attendants as well.

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Ya I would have my own fleet of aircraft…..I’d be flying my G6s everywhere!!!!

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Yep. I’d have a slick little purple and silver jet. I’d pick up all my friends and we’d drink champagne straight from the bottle while laughing and mocking the “little people”. I wouldn’t see my home for months at a time.

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@Blueroses Can I fly with you, girl?

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I’d fund the research for teleporters.
And, you know, other worthy causes like that.

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I refuse to fly commercial now. Why would I start if I was rich?


No, I would fly in a Lear jet and avoid all those stinkin’ crying babies, annoying brats who kick the back of your seat, smelly and loud passengers, rude stewardesses, and stale pretzels! Drink champagne, eat caviar, and fly to somewhere hot and tropical every week.

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Of course @KatetheGreat. You have a reserved seat any time.

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@Blueroses Will there be a stripper pole?

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I would totally fly EVERYWHERE in a private jet. To Hawaii, to the supermarket… EVERYWHERE!
When you’re rich, it’s your duty to destroy the environment any way you can, just to stick it to the hippies. I would also flush money down the toilet three times a day and drink baby’s tears.

I’m joking of course. I will BATHE in baby’s tears.

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@atomicmonkey to the supermarket….awesome!

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@Hypocrisy_Central in those cases yes I suppose your right but for something like that id rather be on a boat.

@johnpowell Totally correct, but then again im super rich so its possible :P Or just get me one of these

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@uberbatman Yes, I would go for a 120ft yacht also but if I were in a hurry, a private jet is the only way to go. ;-)

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I think it would be a waste of everything to get, or use, a private jet. I’d rather have a decent boat to travel overseas – since I’m super rich, I’d have a solar powered boat. There are also those waterplanes – they are pretty neat. I’m sure a person could totally pimp one out to be solar powered too.

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I’m torn between First class and owning my own plane. I think I’d have to go with the private option. There’s nothing more annoying than going through all of those security checks at the airport. Then there’s the waiting around, ugh.

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I would pilot my own plane.
@Vunessuh would love that! XD

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I think the monkey fell asleep.

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@Plucky Hahahahah I think Monkey is shooting for a double Colossal Squid.

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It depends on the traveling distance. It took me 26 hours of flight time to get to Egypt, not to mention all the added time for layovers and transfers. It seemed like day’s of being cramped up. Then I had to travel back. It sucked. If I’m gonna fly far and I was mega rich, I’d take the private jet.

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If I were that insanely rich then I’d forgo “the pleasure” of flying altogether, unless I wanted to drive my own craft.

I’d take a boat instead to get to the places I’d want to go to. And like @KatetheGreat said, I’d just fly first class – assuming there was ever a place not near an ocean that I’d want to visit.

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I dunno… That’d leave a huge carbon footprint. So only if I did something to offset that. Like, I’d use it to fly to my many rainforest preserves. Then I could sleep at night. Haha

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I don’t know if it’s considered wealthy, but I know of a couple of people who have a net worth of over a million. But I was surprised to find out they are thrifty as hell lol. One has a few of those water cooler jugs full of change saved over years and years, who does that lol? They fly economy and they’re just not very flashy people.

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No. I’d have my own Cessna and my own pilot. Period. I’d fly private for any flight. My son & my husband cannot deal with “the unknown” so commercial flights are hell for us.

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I think I’d buy/build an attack helicopter and fly that everywhere.

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Yes. Just so we won’t miss those.

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I dunno. Depends on how stingy a rich person I’d become.

Amazing what one might consider a minor annoyance if allowed a lofty position with which to view.

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@incendiary_dan Can you fly Ottawa to Rio in one of those? Or at least Ottawa to Belize?

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Actually, even the thought of buying a lawn mower gives me serious pause (I am young and poor). But nitpicking aside, I would just flythe private jet everywhere. Although I am normally a pinchpenny, I would gladly spend the extra money to avoid being X-rayed and patted down at the airport. The thought of strangers seeing me naked makes me ill.

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Fuck that shit, i’m buying my very own hot air balloon….up, up & away!

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While I don’t need the luxury, I would ABSOLUTELY get my own plane. I could go where I want, when I want, bring my gun and skip the check in line! The possibilities are endless!!!!

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@Plucky Is Monkey still working on that Double Colossal Squid, or have a heart attack over the key board?

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@mrrich724 “bring my gun” is a huge plus.

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No, I would go charter flight all the way.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Lol what the heck is a Double Colossal Squid?

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@Plucky Maybe an answer with 5,000+ words with the hope of getting two-for-one lurve out of it?

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@Hypocrisy_Central Ohhh, I had no idea you were talking about Fluther Awards. I rarely look at them. It took me a minute to even understand your answer, lol.

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I know Concordes don’t run anymore commercially….but couldn’t I just buy one of those and have private pilots fly it? That would be my new answer!

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I would fly first class at least a couple of times.. Larger planes tend to do better in rough weather, and I rather like being in spaces with other people sometimes. I would retain the private jet, though.

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First class all the way. I would actually buy all the first class seats and then pick a few random people who look to me, who could use such a treat.

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@Pandora I would actually buy all the first class seats and then pick a few random people who look to me, who could use such a treat. Even if you purchased all of the tickets for 1st class you would still have to go through screening and pay extra for bags, you might rack up some serious frequent flier miles though. Why go through all of that when you can afford to have your own jet?

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@Hypocrisy_Central I would have to pay the pilot and I would still have to pay for storing my plane and the care of it as well. Its not exactly all cheap. I’m not that crazy about flying, so I wouldn’t do it that much anyway. I’ll basically be paying just to have the plane sit and have to keep a pilot on payroll so he would be available when I want.
Plus you would still have to go through customs, the moment I fly out of the states. So I don’t see what would be the big difference. I would much rather own an awesome yacht than my own plane. I can at least live on the yacht when I want to get away. I’m all about comfort. I can sail away somewhere and I don’t have to bother with staying at a hotel when I get there unless I plan to go further inland. Even then, I would only need a small bag for a few days and can always send someone to pick stuff up for me if I plan to go and stay longer.
I would only take a plane if I need to get to my destination in a hurry. However, being filthy rich, I doubt, I would ever need to hurry.

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I LOVE logical people!

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@Pandora When ou are not using your own jet, you can hire it out to other people who can’t afford to own one and they will offset the maintenance.

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No way, I’d get my own personal Concorde or some shit like that.

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