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What are the things, and when are the times you feel inferior to others?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) July 14th, 2011

Like the question says, what and when? Right now I feel inferior to my “friends” and my girlfriend, they are in higher classes than I, And whenever they mention it or talk about it, I feel… Less than them… When do you feel like that, and what makes you feel like that?

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I rarely feel inferior to others. I think I am the best at what I can be at this moment in time. One thing you could try, would be to just study a bit more so that when they talk about certain things from higher classes, you can chime in with pertinent ideas?

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When I lose faith in myself.
When I’m confident in one area, I’m fireproof, can stop bullets with a wave of my hand, topple dominant paradigms and seduce anybody I want! But once self-doubt creeps into one area, it infects the entire structure like a fungus. The whole damned thing falls apart.

You have to find something that ignites you and gives you the lift to get past that.

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@Blueroses stop losing faith in yourself! I believe in ya!

Just never be afraid to ask questions, Vince.

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I rarely feel inferior compared to others, but often feel inferior when compared to myself.

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@Schroedes13 Yeah I know study study, but just I struggle already enough in regular school I don’t want to make my life more difficult for doing things I can’t do YET, I have the strive to be smart… Just it doesn’t last long. And can’t last long enough for me to last in higher classes XP and yeah I know, but I’m a shy guy…So yeah…it’s hard for me to either way…

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well intelligence is something that must be worked at! That’s all I can say!

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When I let those irrational thoughts get the better of me. It chips away at my confidence slowly but surely until I feel less than others. That’s not good for me or anyone around me so I remind myself that we’re all different and we all have our own path to follow and quite frankly, I’m happy with my path.
You may be in a different class to your friends, but we all have different strengths/weaknesses/talents/gifts. I’m sure there’s things you can do/create that your friends can’t :-)

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Are your friends in a different economic class than you, a different intellectual class than you, what is it that they do/have against which what you have to offer appears inferior?

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I feel inferior when I get beat in a wrestling match,but that fades quickly because I can always run them over with my car. ;)

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I sometimes wish I had more Compassion, instead of being a hard arse all the time :-/

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There are one or two toxic people in my life whom I am struggling to eliminate.

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I have never felt inferior to other people. Sags rarely have this problem.

Some people are leaders and others are followers.

I think this has something to do with your question.

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I feel inferior when I see other people adapting to changing situations without a bunch of crippling mental grief, and I wonder why I can’t seem to do the same.

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None. Nobody is superior to another via class.
One can be, however more ‘superior’ or ‘inferior’ in their conduct.

If it is you feeling this way, work on your self esteem and acceptance of your good qualities.
If it is these friends that are making you feel this way, dump ‘em.

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“Class” is an artificial construct used by politicians for their own purposes. “Inferiority” is an illusion, just as is “superiority.” Try to think of yourself ( and everyone else ) as a child of God, and work your way out of false constructs and vapid illusions. : )

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I am inferior in a lot of ways. My friends and most my relatives have things where they excel and they are better then me but I don’t mind.

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Around lots of taller people, I feel more height-impaired. Especially in a crowded elevator.

Though maybe it’s a good thing. I’m so clumsy—this way I have a shorter distance to fall. Har.

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Just little things. At a public urinal.

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When the wife inserts ice cubes up my arse crack on a Sunday morning in order to wake me up!
A truly humbling experience & actually a slightly arousing one ;¬}

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