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What would write on a promotion?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) June 4th, 2010 from iPhone

Today my 8th grade friends are leaving school and they came to me asking to sign theor promotion T-shirt.I said to them that I have no idea but I’ll sign later.
So now I have have 4h to came with 4 different smart,funny things to write on their shirts.
Do you have any ideas?
It can also be a drawing.

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Bill Gates never finished College…and he’s the richest man in the world

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school rocks

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see you in 9th grade

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class of 2010

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Remember me!

Or just sig your name.

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Behave this summer!
Take good notes if you go somewhere cool!

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RMA (your name) “Remember Me Always”

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“Be Happy.”
“You learn more with your mouth closed.”
“Make a difference/”
“We matter.”

Have a great summer.

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Memento Mori.

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What @amwiser said is what i’ve seen on my sons shirts from the really cool teachers.
Otherwise, I’ve seen only the name or smiley faces.

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Go with the drawing

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Write Attitude is Everything

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