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Who knows the Central Park area well in NYC?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1715points) July 14th, 2011

I’m going to write a fantasy story that deals with the main characters going on vacation in New York City and staying in a hotel there. Central Park is going to be one of the important scenes, and I want to know if there are hotels around there so that I can use them to be realistic.

Also, less important, but if you know some night clubs that are near Central Park that would be cool as well. I’m going to make up a nightclub for the story, but maybe I could make references to others. The ones I know are far from Central Park.

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The oldest, grandest and most reeking in tradition is the Plaza, on CPS. There is also yucky Trump Towers and some more generic hotels.

I can’t help you with night clubs. There are surely many bars in the neighbor; I’m not so sanguine about night clubs.

Here’s the Plaza link. I love that the background music is one of Mozart’s concerti for French horn. That tells you something.

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There some hotels on Central Park South, there is the Plaza and there are several on Fifth Avenue alongside the park such as the Carlyle and the Pierre. The Carlyle has a bar where famous pianists and singers perform.

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I don’t know nightclubs in that area, but I know hotels. You want The Mark.

It’s truly a sweet place to stay, and I mean that as in schweet! The Plaza, Essex House, all those on Central Park South are more or less tourist traps now. Trump International on Columbus Circle is a pit.

Nightclubs in the area, aside from Iridium over on 66th and Amsterdam, which is where Les Paul played almost until the end of his life, are also for tourists and, pardon my New York-ese, Eurotrash, and those clubs are on the East Side, above midtown but not too close to the park.

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Oops. Iridium is on 63rd and Amsterdam.

And I do like The Carlyle. It’s more of a residential hotel, though. Apartment living with hotel service. Elaine Strich lives there. I toured a slew of hotels for a job I was coordinating, and the above the line staff needed decent rooms. The Surrey was nice, if a little stodgy to me. And then there’s always the St. Regis, on East 55th, not far form the park. Old school, but very swank. I think they still iron newspapers. They did when I looked at it.

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Central Park is huge. It goes from W59th to W110th Street, it starts in the Theatre District and Midtown and ends in Harlem and Upper Manhattan and includes the Upper West Side and the Upper East side on either side. That’s a lot of Manhattan. There really isn’t a single “Central Park area”. So what part of the park, what part of Manhattan are you interested in?

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I’d use Google to hone in on central park and then ask for night club or hotel locations. Then I’d go and research those venues. I’d also “fly” over the park using Google satellite views. Here’s a list of night clubs in NYC, including several near the park. Here are hotel locations.

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