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Who are good English romance writers (any type of romance)?

Asked by silverangel (939points) September 29th, 2011

I love reading books of romantic genre, so I would be grateful if you recommended for me some good writers that I can read books for. What I meant by any type of romance is that it could be normal or paranormal, includes vampires or dragons, it also could be adventurous or thriller, the only condition is that it should involve romance. You know, you can also recommend books if you like but the most important part is that it includes perfect grammar usage (I chose some random romance books before and the grammar skills of that writer were poor)

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Victoria Holt
Georgette Heyer
Mary Stewart
Catherine Cookson

and of course, the 19th century greats:

Jane Austen
Emily Bronte
Charlotte Bronte

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I’m gonna second the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen.

If anyone says Shakespeare, expecteth my arrival to curb stompeth your face. Shakespeare sucks in the romance department.

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The Bronte’s *If of course you like that sort of thing… I do not.

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Daphne du Maurier author of Rebecca and Jamaica Inn, my sister loves these books :-/

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English, as in from England? Or books simply written in English?

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mainly Books in English nut I hope they’re not translated from another language

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Well in that case, I reccommend reading anything by Jude Deveraux, Nora Roberts, JR Ward, Kay Hooper and Catherine Coulter.

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A.S. Byatt’s Possession was pretty good, but not the easiest read.

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If you care for a silly, romantic read, pick up anything by Fern Michaels or Debbie Macomber. “Good In Bed” and “Certain Girls” by Jennifer Weiner are nice if you’re just looking for some light reading. If you’re looking for modern-day, light-hearted British romance, I recommend Jemima J. by Jane Green.

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