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What is the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7976points) July 14th, 2011

For me, it was probably when I was at home alone in my bathrobe while watching Maury at around age 15 or so. I was still pretty tall for my age at 5’11 or so, and we never had our doors locked because no one knew that our house even existed. The town was super small and so everyone knew everybody and we never had our doors locked.

Down the road there were some apartments that had people that couldn’t pay a lot of money for rent called “The Greens”, with alcoholics and cocaine addicts and whatnot. There was this guy there that was maybe 19 that had recently been in a juvenile detention center for molesting his 3 year old cousin.

For some reason my brother talked to him a few times and let this guy ride his new bike (which the guy later stole). So this guy walks into the house while I’m there in my bathrobe and underwear and he just walks in.

“Hey, have you seen [my brother]?”

“No… he’s not home.”

“Oh, okay.”

Then he left.

What about you?

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I was driving my girlfriend to the airport, we took a wrong turn and ended up in the bad neighborhood. We were at a stop light, and a cop was across from us at the other stop light. When it turned green, he didn’t even take off, he just rolled past us and stared me right in the eyes and was just checking us out. Then he turned around and followed us for a few blocks. What a douche.

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I was 3 floors up in a big shared house in London a few years ago, waiting for a friend to drop by. At about midnight I heard someone whisteling up. I went outside expecting to see my friend, but there was just a strange man there. I asked him, “were you whistling just now?” he responded by saying “hmmm, maybe fishman?” and promptly started screaming his head off like a deranged maniac.

Either that, or the creepy old man I came across when I was 15yo, who told a girl I was going to a club with “It’s only because you are holding a baby that we wont kidnap you”.

(no we was not taking a baby to a disco, we was going to drop it off at her sisters house)

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@poisonedantidote Holy crap, that’s scary lol.

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When I was 16, I had a terrible cold, and slept with my mouth wide open. I woke up with one of these crawling out of my mouth.

Now if everyone would care to join me in the foetal position….

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@atomicmonkey : ... I actually shuddered really hard.

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@troubleinharlem, then you might also want to stay out of the bush country of Australia! They have a ton of scary, poisonous insects.

When I was 7, my aunt was seeing this guy. One night he came over after her son and I had gone to bed. Apparently, she must have excused herself to the WC or something, because suddenly I awoke to find this dude hovering over my bed and stroking my hair. Then he sat on the bed, asked me if I was comfortable and tried to skootch his way in.

Auntie caught him moments later as he was going to put his feet up, and threw him out immediately.

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wtf.. I’ll never ever go to japan.. or sleep with my mouth open..

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@troubleinharlem Tell me about it. This was in rural Victoria, Australia. Everyone tells you they’re harmless.

These people have never woken up with one crawling out of their freaking MOUTH!!

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I was followed tailgated by a guy with his bright lights on for 12 miles on a backcountry road. He ran two stop signs and a traffic light (if I remember correctly) to keep up with us and he waited in the parking lot across the street from the police station when we pulled in there for refuge. As soon as some cops came out to investigate, he went flying down the road.

It turns out that the guy who followed us lived in a burned out house with a yard full of cabbage patch doll heads on spikes and hanging from trees. He was later arrested for kidnapping peoples’ dogs and skinning them alive, and it was later that we found out he had killed someone as well. After he was arrested, the county bulldozed his house.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard : Too bad that won’t get rid of the ghosts of the peoples’ dogs! That’s creepy.

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Okay @aprilsimnel & @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard just gave me a chill.

…and this is from someone with mouth/spider experience!

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My sister and I were babysitting (age 14/15) and we heard a noise in the attic. We were terrified, convinced someone was up there. We called our mom to come over and help us.

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what happened after that?
omg the poor dogs… and i thought coyotes and hawks were the biggest predators of my small dogs..
omg.. rapist

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When I was a wee chap sitting in a restaurant this guy that was sitting across the way dislodged his false teeth and sort of rattled them around in his mouth while looking right at me, and he had those kind of glasses that make the wearers eyeballs look really big.
That was when I learned that people can get false teeth. My aunt who was there told me that’s what happens if you don’t brush your teeth. In a restaurant, dude? Could have been a set up but it was creepy.

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Sorry, Mom came over and assured us it was all in our minds. The house we were in was a creepy, old house and the creaks and crackling meant nothing.

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One night I spent the night at my friend’s house and we were the only ones home. (that’s why I was there, two teenage girls in the house are better than one, right?) and when we woke up the next morning, there were small pieces of chopped up Barbie dolls placed around in weird places in her house that weren’t there before. We opened her door and there was a hand just outside it in the doorway. There was a leg coming out of the fireplace. A piece of head with the smile showing on the counter. I knew it wasn’t her playing a joke on me because she was so scared she was crying. We were so freaked out.

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Also, my Valentine’s flowers from a “secret admirer” if they were meant to be sweet, the giver failed because 5 months later I’m still creeped out.

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I haven’t really had too creepy incidents with people. One weird guy years ago when I was pregnant that had a fetish for my belly.
He was a neighbor and was always just so happening to catch me, every time I left the house.
He always wanted to pat and coo over my pregnant belly. He looked like Norman Bates and he lived with his mother too. Ewwww!

BUT..the creepiest creepy was when I had just moved to the hills and I would go hiking around. I came upon what I thought, might be a poached deer carcass, it looked like someone had tried to bury it halfway with leaves and sticks and rocks.
Turns out it was a Mountain Lion cache!
I didn’t know about lion caches then. I was loitering right at a kill site, and I am sure I was being watched, like I have many times since. :-o

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I was walking home from school one day (I was 6) and I was chased by a guy who was trying to kidnap me.

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Oh the things that happen in Tennessee.

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I got in my car one night and there was a drunk guy (stranger) sitting in the back seat.

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@josie Yaaaargh!!! No!

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@KatetheGreat my home state certainly isn’t for the faint of heart. And people wonder why I’m so well armed.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Now I’m afraid you might be one of them! :P

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@KatetheGreat you know better than that, dollface!

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I know, I know. Creepy, scary hillbillies aren’t quite as cute as you are.

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When I was about 23, I went out with a younger man a few times. After these dates and on his day off, he drove to my hometown 3 hours away just to see where I grew up, including cruising past my parents’ house. (This was long before the internet days.) Sorry folks…I’ve led a fairly creep-free life compared to yours.

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I was at a girls’ slumber party during college. I went into an empty bedroom, then left. When I went back in again, a huge dresser had been moved over in front of the shut door. It took some real shoving to get that dresser away from the door so we could get in. When we finally did, there was nobody in there, so how did that dresser get pushed in front of the door?


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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Are you fuckin serious? Jesus Christ.

That reminds me of this…so while I had an evening shift in a hotel, as a waitress, we were on our way home from work, twelve thirty, one in the morn. We were four in a car. We stopped by the bank, cuz one friend wanted to get some money. Across the street, there was a gas station, it was closed. There’s some guy there…with a chainsaw. From what we could see…he was trying to…fucking put gas in it. We called the cops from a cell, and they came. We stayed in the car across the street, and watched. They picked him up, but he started freaking out, saying he was gonna cut shit down and kill everyone. I mean he was really freaking out. Even if the cops were there, we didn’t want to be seen by this guy. We didn’t drive away, and didn’t turn on the headlights or nothing. stayed there and watched. They picked him up and went, and we were left unnoticed. Phew.

Here’s another thing, it’s more weird than scary, but still, was scary for me at the time. So I’m just walking down the street in bloody daylight. I see a guy come up ahead of me…carrying something over his shoulder. No word of a lie man; it was a fucking axe. Like an antique two handed battle axe. Kind of like a halberd, but a lot more crude looking than those It was totally rusted up and fucked. Looked like a giant woodcutting axe.
As he sees me, he starts walking towards me really fast. There was a parked car, and I went around it to avoid him. He asks me if I knew where an antique store was. So he wanted to sell his axe. Logical enough. But he kept trying to get close to me by moving around the car, and I kept avoiding him.
I don’t know about any antique places here, so as I was panicking and freaking out, I gave him directions to the nearby dentist place…I just wanted to be rid of him. He was acting so weird, talking really loud and his movements were extremely agitated. And I know real life isn’t horror movies, but still, I’ve watched way too many…I know better than to start casually talking to some dude carrying an axe over his shoulder downtown. To this day, I still wonder what it was like when he walked into the dentist place with that thing…never saw anything in the paper about it, so it was really all just harmless. All the same, I got really scared by the whole incident. Kinda felt bad about sending him over there though.

Also once, some guy tried to jump me or something. Not sure what that was about. He was sitting with a girl on the back porch of a store, and I was walking along, minding my own business. He starts towards me, I figured he was gonna ask for something harmless, like a smoke, or what time it was. But then he grabs my shoulders, like he was trying to reach for my neck, but failed. He was out of it, this was obvious, but I don’t know on what. He didn’t say anything, and forced his grip on me, forcing me to walk backwards as he was pushing me. I clawed him in the face with both hands, he let go of me and I darted off lol. His girlfriend or wtv just sat there and, seemingly, didn’t notice a thing. But that freaked the shit out of me at the time.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard – So apparently Ed Gein had a kid no one knew about! O_O

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@Symbeline yup. True story.
@aprilsimnel lol, probably. I got a good look at him when he was following us. He looked like Larry the Cable guy. He had the cut-off denim shirt and everything. He was wearing a John Deere hat and driving a green 4-runner or Bronco or something. Oh, and he was talking on a walkie talkie the whole time.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Was he actually talking to someone, or just himself?

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@Symbeline I don’t know, I couldn’t really tell. He was holding it up to his mouth and mouthing words, but there’s no telling who was on the other end, if anyone.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I’m guessing, nobody…he was prolly trying to intimidate you guys, in tryna make you think he had cohorts, or goons…but if he really was talking to someone else…who the fuck were they?

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Wow! A dog slasher, nice!
That guy has to qualify for a 10+ on the extremely whacked scale. :-O
Glad you weren’t skinned and put in the Cabbage Patch Kids garden.

Berserker's avatar

But he’d look so cuuuuuuute!

I mean er…night, yall. Have good nightmares. :)

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I was working late one evening in a hospital lab when I was asked to go to the ICU to draw blood on a patient. No big deal as I do it all the time. When I was drawing blood from an unconscious patient a doctor directly across from me had just drawn a huge syringe (over 1000CC) of blood/abdominal fluid mixture out of the patient and was attempting to transfer the syringe contents through a rubber hose into a bucket. Unfortunately for me the rubber hose popped off while the doctor was pushing hard on the syringe and he sprayed me and the wall up the the ceiling with bloody body fluid. I was horrified, totally grossed out and speechless. As I backed slowly away the doctor roared with laughter. On the way back to the lab a nurse handed me a set of scrubs to wear.

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“I went into an empty bedroom, then left. When I went back in again, a huge dresser had been moved over in front of the shut door. It took some real shoving to get that dresser away from the door so we could get in. When we finally did, there was nobody in there, so how did that dresser get pushed in front of the door?”

Do you mean when you tried to go back in again?
I.e., you tried to reenter the bedroom, but the dresser was blocking the doorway?

Either way, all I can say is, Oo wee OO! ;-0

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I’ve had a lot of weird shit happen to me, but one summer was pretty over the top. I was maybe 14 years old, and my best friend and I saw three different naked men, outside, three different places in my neighborhood. Two of them we just happened upon, in semi-wooded (but very public) areas. One was just standing around, smoking a cigarette just off the path around the lake, and one was jacking off in a little clearing behind the mall. We took off running, and nothing much happened. The third time, though… ugh.

We were babysitting in my neighbor’s ground-floor apartment. The apartment buildings faced each other across inner courtyards, with direct views into other apartments if the blinds were open. So, we’re sitting at the kitchen table, in front of a window, and a guy in the building across the way waves to us from his window. We can only see him from the waist up, and we wave back. Next thing you know, he stands up a little taller, and… he’s naked. Penis on the windowsill and all. We promptly close the blinds. Being giggly teenage girls, though, we can’t help but keep peeking through the slats. I guess he could see that, and took it as encouragement, because he kept on flashing us. We got smart (or bored) and stopped looking. Next thing you know, he’s knocking on the front door. Looking out the peephole, we can see that he’s still naked. We quietly back away from the door, and he starts pounding on it. Screaming, “I know you’re in there! You know you want me! LET ME IN!” The fucker will not go away! Just keeps pounding and yelling. We call the cops, and they come super quick (it was such a bad neighborhood, the cops were there full time, looking for drug deals). They actually caught the guy outside, still naked, and arrested him for indecent exposure. His wife was sitting in their apartment the whole time this was happening. WTF?

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@Brian1946 Sorry, It was late when I wrote that. I tried to have it make sense. Yes, I entered the room, then left and closed the door. When I TRIED to re-enter the room a huge dresser was blocking the door. It was shoved over maybe 6 inches or more.

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Jebus you guys..

One night, wlkhen I was 16 I was babysitting for a friend of my parent. We didn’t live in town. We lived in a small residential community sort of out in the country. I was on the phone with my boyfriend when I heard something rustling at the door, like somebody was trying to get it. I finally told my boyfriend what was up, and told him to hang on, and if he heard me scream to call the police. (BTW…this was just after BTK had hit the Otero family….) So I slowly go to the door and slowly start to open it….(like I can’t hear the audience screaming “DON’T DO IT!!!!”)….suddenly something heavy HIT the door and it just FLEW open and kind of threw me back….it was, and I’m not kidding….a freaking HUGE Saint Bernard dog! He just came up to me and started slurping on me! To this day I have NO idea where he could have come from. We knew all the dogs in our neighborhood, and nobody had one like that! I never saw him again either. Freaky.

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It was late 1973, and it was about 2:30 AM.
Everyone else had gone to bed. I was sitting in bed, reading, when the door to my room burst open. Because I was feeling substantial residual fear from having seen the Exorcist about 3 times, I found this to be quite scary. :-0

Much to my relief, it was merely our poochie, Tannen paying me a visit.

Dutchess_III's avatar

So THAT’S where the dog came from @Brian1946! Geez. It like to have given me a heart attack!

Dutchess_III's avatar

I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight…

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Oh wow…you jogged my ‘flasher’ memory! Same here, I went through a lengthy phase of coming across flashers and exhibitionists for a few years at one time.

One guy was actually wearing a trench coat!
Trench coat and sneakers sitting on a bench with his schlong swingin’ over the edge. Really? lol

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@augustlan…what the blazes…his wife was just out there, sitting around? That’s pretty funny lol, although I can imagine how creepy that would be when he was pounding on the door.

Also, some random dude jerking it in the woods…lawl. XD I once saw a couple gettin it on in between two garages. That was odd.

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When I was about 10 or 11 years old, my family and I stopped at a garage sale at a house about a mile away from ours. Their teenage son was selling a bunch of his toys, including a super awesome Rancor (from Star Wars) action figure. I talked my parents into buying it for me, and I still have it today. The creepy part though, is a few years after the garage sale. We find out that the son had murdered his mom with one of those small gardening shovels. We heard that when they found her, there was so much blood that the police initially thought she was shot. Every time I look at it, I can’t help but think about it and how close he lived to us.

Also, about a year ago. I got off work around 9:30pm. The town I work in is pretty small and most businesses are closed by 9. The street was dark and as I was going along, I notice a man walking on the side of the road. I thought it was strange, not only because it was late, but because it was freezing out. As I drove by him, he THREW himself at my passenger door. I could see him reaching for the door handle. I swerved into the other lane to avoid him and sped off. It was probably the scariest thing I ever experienced.

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When I was in college, I was at a party. There was a German Shepherd at this party. When I left, probably around midnight to start walking home, the dog went with me. I tried to shoo him away, but he wouldn’t go. Well, I was, more than likely, a bit inebriated…and I walked at LEAST a mile in the wrong, freakin’ direction. At one point some guys in a car pulled up next to me. I could tell they were drunk…and I was scared. The dog was no where in sight so I called “Hey dog! Come here!” and the Shepherd ran over to me and the guys took off. Talk about fate. I have no idea why the dog stuck with me, instead of someone else at the party. I just thank God that he did.

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