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What would happen if serious negative moral judgement was rendered against people who use poor grammar?

Asked by josie (27384points) July 14th, 2011

Would the culture improve, or would there be violent revolution?

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Would we be able to send people to forced grammar re-education camps? That might help. The culture would improve if people were capable of communicating more clearly, I think.

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I’d have had my head severed off a long time ago. ^^

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Forced sterilization!

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Who is to say that, in the minds of some, serious negative moral judgement is NOT rendered against those who use poor grammar? I would posit that, particularly for the spoken word (we hear more people speak than we read their writing), many lose out on opportunities they might have enjoyed had poor grammar not caused a synaptic snag in the brain of another!

I imagine it has cost jobs, potential relationships and a host of other complexities in the lives of those who have not had the benefit of a fundamental education in the grammar of their native tongue.

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@Kayak8 So, will that cause an improvement in the culture, or violent revolution?

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I think it has already caused a rather violent revolution. This is the classic story of the “haves” and the “have nots” wherein one group has the benefit of education (=money=power) and other groups, without benefit of education (which can be all too obvious when they speak) lose out on opportunities for money and power. This serves to reinforce whatever official or unofficial class system exists and is self-perpetuating through generations. The worst cases have resulted in incredible levels of violence. For example, the prisons in my state are certainly not filled with grammarians . . .

The chicken and egg part of the question is “If we all threw in the towel on grammar would things be more equal (and less violent) OR should we all work to create opportunity to benefit more people who can understand and appreciate good grammar?”

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I can think of some, who would advocate that people who use poor grammar, shouldn’t be allowed to get married to each other. ;-)

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Do you intend to allow, perhaps two or three times per month, drunk fluthering without public shame?

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They’re already hell bound. Which moral sanction could be more severe?

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Moral judgment? Wow… I would hate to live in that society.

There are, of course, other ways to judge people…

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We am gone to get undergrownd!

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