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Revolution or evolution?

Asked by unddiefliege (115points) May 27th, 2008

Does mankind need a revolution or a healthy ongoing evolution in order to ensure same starting conditions for every life – no matter if it’s born in Asia, Europe, Africa, South – or North America?

Some wise guy once said: Revolutions aren’t good because it also wipes away parts of society which had been good…

One the other hand: evolutions tend to be slow….

Your opinion?

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Another optimization problem: some combination of the above.

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It depends upon one’s patience.

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All 3 of the above. Revolution can be done and dusted in a short amount of time and the change can be too quick. The evolution still prevails there however. Leaving it to evolution is just that natural process.

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What same starting conditions are you referring to?

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I’d argue we need a renaissance. Change happens when we take old ideas and we promote them in a new context.

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I believe we are in the process of global evolution. There are many people moving in the right direction to insight change in the world. Being aware enough to ask the question in the first place means we are grouped with those who have an evolving global consciousness, which is at least a good start. Revolution? No, revolution to me is paired with violent acts. It is difficult to blame the radicals for becoming frustrated with society, but there has to be a middle way. Most importantly, begin by evolving yourself as well as planting the seed of evolution in others. Enough of us do that, and change WILL happen!

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America was founded on a revolution.

The sheer inflammatory, economic and racial prejudice that seems to be growing on the sub-prime conservative blogs is frightening.

This economy with companies failing due to the liquidity crisis (not just financial companies) and more to come along with the usual loss of employment that occurs in a recession does not bode well for us as a society. In times like these racism rises.
There is widespread unhappiness with a government that is increasingly unreponsive to the citizens and makes ad hoc decisions that are as costly as they are confounding.
The handing over of $700B dollars of our tax money to a private citizen who can spend it as he chooses, with no veto and who is held harmless from any legal liability in case he screws up does not sit well with many.

The masses are unhappy. Even though the unhappiness is rooted in different causes, it shares the commonality of time.

While I’m no prognosticator, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if some sort of revolution happened here and soon.

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