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What was the very first thought that went through your head when you saw your newborn baby for the very first time?

Asked by keobooks (14322points) July 17th, 2011

I wish I could say that I had this wonderful mom-like hallmark thought, but I was pretty doped up and having a C-section. There was this tent like curtain covering me from mid-chest down. The doctor pulled up my screamming daughter over the curtain just fresh out of me, covered with goo and my very first thought was.

“Oh my god this is the creepiest puppet show EVER.”

I totally love my daughter, but honestly that was my first thought.. i thought maybe other folks had some memories either more or less memorable.

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When my daughter was born, her eyes were wide open, and she was looking around.
I didn’t expect that.

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I can’t remember exactly but I probably thought ‘I knew I could do it’ because I pushed my first out w/o contractions.

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My thoughts were wonderful feelings of joy until they swiftly took her away because of an issue. It quickly changed to fear of the unknown.

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My first thought: How beautiful she is.

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Can I answer with what I thought when my sister was born? I was 10 and I walked into the room a few minutes after she was born. My first thought was “wow, she has a full head of hair!”

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“He has a cleft chin just like my father’s.” Which was especially sweet for me because my father had died six months too soon to see his first grandson.

They turned out to have a lot more in common than that, right down to being philosophy majors.

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I’m glad this is in social because I can’t answer it. But… I wanted to say that I thought your description, in the question, was hilarious and cute. It made me laugh and smile. :)

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When my first came out, I was in shock and awe and just staring at him on my chest. I remember my husband saying “why aren’t you crying” as he was sobbing haha, and then the water works came and I kept saying “oh my god he’s beautiful” My first thought though: “Holy hell he looks JUST like my father and brother!” lol

When my second was born, I had a csection and was quite doped up. I had pushed for a while so he was lodged good in there, nice and squished. I saw his squished up face and was shocked, it looked like a squishy faced dog, and a lot like my husband. So, unfortunately my first thought about him was “oh god he looks like my husband” haha. My husband isn’t bad looking but I did fear the baby didn’t look like me (as our first does) but I am happy to report my baby boy is gorgeous, and his baby pictures are actually identical to all of mine.

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Mine was “How long until he can mow the lawn?”

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Boy I’m glad that didn’t come out of me!

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(Ten little fingers and ten little toes with twenty perfect fingernails, long curly eyelashes and a beautiful mop of hair.) “I would give my life for this child.”

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I was 19 when my son was born and my boyfriend was long gone… so when I held him for the first time, I poked his nose and thought, “Here we go.”

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“God Dammit.”

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hmmm let’s see here… six… six… five? Dang Blankety! I missed being the father of Satan by that much!

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Tears….wow…...more tears…...awesome….yet more tears…...burst with pride…...take shit load of photos.

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Yup. He’s fine. Still is.

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The most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. Can I take a nap now?

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My God, she looks just like my Uncle Peter! She got over that…

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I was awe struck at the cute little slime ball.

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“My son looks more like the milkman, than me”.

My comment stirred up a lot of conversation in my family.

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I had two thoughts – one was “I don’t believe it” and the other was “she’s beautiful.” It was a dream come true, truly.

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“He’s perfectly clean!” He was. His skin was clear and beautiful with no blood, foam or bruises anywhere. That shocked me. He also looked nothing like I thought he would.

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For some reason I thought no-one had noticed that she was out (it was a water birth) and I shouted “the baby has been born”. She swam up to the surface with one arm out, superman style. Is still a good swimmer, ten years on! Second time round the little one didn’t swim, but sank to the bottom of the pool and I thought ‘where has she gone?’. The midwife leant in and scooped her up and gave her to me and I just thought ‘she’s lovely, god her thighs are chubby’. They were really squishy and gorgeous. Happy memories, thanks for the question.

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