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Why does Family Guy play constantly on television but Simpsons and South Park are only shown at certain times?

Asked by AshlynM (10683points) July 17th, 2011

Question above.

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Because they can make more money selling commercial time for Family Guy, since the key demographic also happens to be the age group that advertisers go for.

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Family Guy is more popular so gets more views. The other two series are older and more familiar to people.

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Family Guy is still being made at a remarkable pace whereas the other two have larger time between series’. I have no proof but it certainly seems that way.

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Because family guy has alot of sex scenes. People. Enjoy. IT!!

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Family Guy is better than the other two by a long shot.

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I’m thinking it depends where you are. The Canadian network Global plays The Simpsons all the frakkin’ time, and it also plays on other Canadian stations a lot.

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