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Using Tempeh?

Asked by cooksalot (1431points) April 30th, 2008

I see it around, but have never eaten it. What are good ways for me to try it out?

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I’d try. The pre-flavored ones first, assuming your store has a flavor combo you like. If those work for you then you can see what you could do with it. For me, the basic flavor of tempeh couldn’t be sufficiently disguised for me to eat it. I stick with tofu.

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I think that Freddie’s only has one flavor. Never really thought of it. I’m trying to get away from meat and just want to try other flavors out. Being Japanese (that’s Japanese American) I have had lots of tofu and know like a million and 2 ways to prepare it but have never had tempeh since it is an American thing.

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You can cut it thin into filets and pan-fry it. It’s pretty good as a faux fish.

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So I just salt and pepper then fry?

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Marinate [1.5 hrs] in soy and hijiki, for ‘fish’ flavoring. You must grind it to a powder first.

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ok I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

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Look up some hijiki recipes. You have to boil it to extract the flavor. It’s easy.

Best of luck.

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OOO! That sounds yummy. I’m going to have to go to Freddies and get some tempeh to try that one out. Thanks!

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Ok I got some 5 grain tempeh, and some plain old soy tempeh. I’m going to give it a try this week.

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Mock Chicken Salad! Just replace the tempeh (heavily dusted with vegetarian broth powder) with the chicken in a standard chicken salad recipe and add a lot of dill. Makes good sandwiches on sprouted grain bread. This was a popular sandwich at a vegetarian/vegan deli I used to work at.

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Thanks I’ll give those a try too. Though I find I prefer the tofu tempeh over the 5 grain.

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You ever try seitan?

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no but I’ve been eying it up at the co op.

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if you like tofu, you should try seitan. i am not a huge tempeh fan except by itself, lightly seasoned, but seitain is almost as malleable as tofu is, while stil retaining something nice of its own.

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True. Seitan has a great texture and is often very moist.

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