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What's a snack you like, but that probably shouldn't even exist?

Asked by Berserker (33548points) July 18th, 2011

As a snack, I mean, not as the foods it’s made of. Something that which our society would frown down upon, because eating it like that is classless, and belongs to dogs and hobos. Something that just seems seriously wrong. That doesn’t mean that it is, it just often seems as such. Tis’ the boon of civilization, the advent of Satan Himself!

This isn’t really a serious question. I’m just curious right now, what extremely quick snacks yall grab when you’re hungry but barely feel like getting up? I’m having cold wieners that I’m dipping in mustard, which I just squirted on the side of the dish.

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Deep fried Twinkees.

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I couldn’t believe those were actually real the first time I heard of them.

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I’m not sure if this counts, but I eat cold cans of veggies all the time. I’ll just open a can of corn or carrots or beans and grab a spoon.

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last nights leftover pizza is the breakfast of champions this morning, even if it didn’t make it to the fridge

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Oh no @RealEyesRealizeRealLies, you can’t eat pizza that has been left out overnight. You’ll get… I don’t know what you’ll get, but it will be some horrible disease!

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deep fried twinkees and peanut m&m’s can cure anything. i’m not scurrred

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@ANef_is_Enuf Ah hell yeah, I’m a fan of wolfing down cold asparagi straight from the can. :)

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Tru dat. Many cold, hardened slices of pizza I’ve had in my life, and I regret nothing. It’s actually really filling in the morning.

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Chocolate covered crickets.

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@WestRiverrat Are those that easy to obtain?

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@Symbeline You can get a variety of chocolate covered insects from

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I have a recipe for a chocolate cake made with Milky Way Bars, from decades ago. I keep it as a curiosity. My feelings now are… just eat the candy bar and save your energy.

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@Symbeline Yup… it’s even better if there’s half a beer laying around somewhere.

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Cricket covered chocolate?

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How boring: cheese and crackers. If I’m too lazy to get crackers, then just cheese. Or cottage cheese with fruit. Or an avocado sandwich. Those are the tried but true emergency sustanance instruments.

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My favorite? Cookie dough. But I know it’s got raw eggs.

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Deep fried oreos. So good that you can feel your arteries clogging.

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I know it’s a food that should exist, so it doesn’t really satisfy the OP, but I’m tellin’ ya, I cannot barbecue without eating the raw meat while I’m cooking. The ground beef and all everything bloody and cold is the best ever. I’ll put a little horsy sauce on it sometimes but not necessary at all. And cooking it is just a couple of quick turns… it’s got to be dripping blood for me to eat it.

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Death_by_Chocolate is another one that comes to mind.

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@filmfann Calvin and Hobbes.

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Little Debbie Christmas Tree Snack Cakes. I can eat a whole box in one sitting when I’m craving sweets. I am SO going to hell…....

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Raw meat is the best, I’m right there with you.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Last one there’s a rotten egg. :D

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@King_Pariah I know man… I only cook it to make other people feel more comfortable.

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Around 7 months ago a mod here (Dog) wanted a Hackintosh. She sent the parts to me and I put it together and installed OS X on it. In return I wanted a painting of my dead cat. She tossed in other stuff she knew about me. This is the result. My unhealthy addiction is in that picture.

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Kitten on a stick and plutonium puppy burgers!

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@johnpowell oh my god, that painting is amazing.

Can I submit it to reddit?

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I’m having a heart attack on a plate, as we speak! :D:D:D

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Chocolate covered graham crackers.

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Diabetes never looked so good. :)

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard :: Dog said it was OK if you want to put it on Reddit.

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I enjoy a mix of pretzels and M&M’s every once in a while. Also, a certain jelly on here introduced me to the wonderful, sensory wonderland you can enter once you eat Godiva caramel-filled chocolate squares with Nacho Cheese Doritos.

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@AshLeigh If I could give you several great answers, I would.

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Saltines and butter. Simple. Easy. Addicting. I make it a rare treat.

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Two year old Peeps.

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@johnpowell – By “unhealthy addiction” do you mean the cheese & crackers, or the OE? Funny, a friend of mine was just talking about drinking OE for the first time in about 10 years, and he blacked out and remembers nothing from the evening :) Luckily, he was just at home with his wife.

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Pork rinds…you know those deep fried peices of pork fat. tsk tsk tsk!

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