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What are your ideal snack foods and drinks that you stock up in while pulling an all-nighter online?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23815points) March 16th, 2022

Humor welcome:

I get pastries and lactose free 3% milk.

Plain chicken wings if I have them.

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At my age, I no longer pull all-nighters online nor offline!!! On the rare occasion that I can’t sleep, I don’t make it a habit of getting up to eat…I struggle to go back to sleep!!! Anyway, eating all night really isn’t good for you!!!

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Water with a shot of lemon juice.

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Nothing. I don’t do snacks.

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I don’t eat after 4 or order to have 10 – 17 hours of no food overnight and the weight comes off.
Sometimes I eat a light breakfast or none until lunchtime.
If however I am watching a TV show or doing some writing on the computer, I will have a glass of milk and thats all.
I get into a routine of that plan and stick with it, as it works for me.

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I don’t really plan those. I just eat whatever is in the house.

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Water, dark chocolate, nuts, berry mix in cream.

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Probably Coffee, Chocolate covered coffee beans and basically anything with Caffeine. Just make sure you do an all nighter on a night where you don’t have school or work the next morning, And also make sure to take a Nyquil or some Valerian root the next day because your REALLY going to need to get some sleep.

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