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Do you believe that mayonnaise and Miracle Whip taste the same?

Asked by ubersiren (15208points) March 16th, 2009
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Oh, what an excellent example of the nature of belief!

They do not taste the same, and they are made of different ingredients. But people are entitled to their beliefs. If a person needs to believe that they taste the same, I will respect that and try to avoid disturbing his or her belief system.

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No… They taste not at all the same.

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Not in my opinion.

but they both taste like crap

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Not at all, especially not fresh mayo.

Though I eat dairy, I think Vegenaise® tastes way better than either.

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Absolutely not! Miracle Whip is thick and (gag) sweet. Mayo (Hellmann’s preferred) is creamy, light and the perfect salty-ness. Yum!

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I know a few who insist that they are the same product. I’m pretty sure they’ve just never tasted both. They taste worlds apart. They’re both delicious.

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Miracle Whip is sweet. Bleah! Hellman’s mayonnaise is not. Yay!

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I love Chik fil a mayo.

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re: nature of belief: the only people who might believe they taste the same are people who have never wanted one and gotten the other. someone (like me) might dislike them equally, but they taste different.

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@aprilsimnel: We have twin taste buds ;) I am now complete.

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@Curious404 – Ha! But the Vegenaise intrigues me, as a person who wants to cut cholesterol before I’m told I’ll need to.

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Best Foods = Heaven
Miracle Whip = Sweet white crap

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@aprilsimnel I know what you mean, which is one reason I tried it. It’s lighter and seriously does taste better. I would say it has more flavor. I like to mix it with hot sauce and dip all sorts of things in it.

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Not at all. They taste way different. I don’t think of Miracle Whip as a substitute for mayo, rather a different dressing that tastes better with certain things.

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Anyone ever tried Dukes….. (southern) Not sweet at all and is great to cook with.

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Hellman’s or Best Foods (same company, different geographical distribution) is my every day mayonnaise. Blue Plate MY-naisse is essential for my greek/new orleanean SILs red beans.

Miracle Whip is anathema. You can approximate it by adding white vinegar and high-fructose corn syrup or sugar to mayonnaise. It supposedly has 20 different spices in it as well, but I for sure can’t figure out what they are. Miracle Whip is essential, however, for true white trash cooking ( ).

And actually, the absolute best is homemade mayonnaise with sufficient garlic added to make the most incredible aioli ever!

As says:

“To be frank, mayo is one of those love-it-or-hate-it things. The lovers know that, in its most authentic form, mayo’s a pretty simple affair: raw egg yolks, oil, lemon juice or vinegar, and spices. Not much room for improvement.

But in 1933, Kraft Foods though differently. Inventor Charles Chapman’s patented emulsifying machine allowed regular mayonnaise to be evenly blended with cheaper dressings and more than 20 different spices (plus sugar). The result was Miracle Whip, which debuted at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair. Promising to create “Salad Miracles with Miracle Whip Salad Dressing,” the Whip was an instant hit (Note: It’s not known if the dressing is responsible for any non-salad-related miracles.)”

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No! Miracle Whip is sweeter and nasty.

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Totally different. Miracle Whip=horrifying.

I used to eat Best Foods (West Coast) or Hellman’s (East Coast), but I avoid canola oil now.

My favorite is French mayonnaise in a tube, but I only get that if someone brings it back to me from France. In the interim, I use safflower mayonnaise.

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No. To me, mayo tastes more bland and Miracle Whip has an edge to it. I use them both, for different foods. I should probably use neither right? Lotta fat in them both.

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I like mayo much better than salad dressing. It must be Kraft mayo.

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I love chick-fil-a mayo too lol.

When I started dating my husband, at a family bar-b-q, he blew all of our minds when he informed us what Miracle Whip is (just has sugar added) I never knew that, and no one else did either. They still bring it up lol.
We always ate Miracle Whip, growing up…but now I eat regular Mayo.

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I grew up on miracle whip because that’s all my parents used, but when I went to college (I can’t believe it took that long!) I had my first sandwich with mayo and there was no turning back, I can’t believe I ate miracle whip for 18 years without knowing there was something better!

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Is there anything more decadent than homemade mayonnaise, AHH Magnifique..
Hellman’s is synonymous with mayonnaise

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That is because in 1905 Mr. Hellman first introduced mayonnaise to the US, in his New York deli.

And it is my favorite for everyday.

But then there are those special occasions…

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I am totally thinking about making some but I’ll probably cook up one of those game recipes from the Joy of Cooking before I get to that. Opossum anyone?

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Miracle Whip is to Mayo as Margarine is to Butter

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Amen. And Margarine is like vaseline.

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During World War II, mayonnaise became unavailable because of the scarcity of some of the ingredients. Miracle Whip became popular as a substitute. Many families got used to it then and didn’t go back when the war was over. My family was one of those. My husband’s mother, on the other hand, was one of many who made their own. Same problem, different solutions. We have both in the house now, for different uses. For some purposes, I actually use a blend.

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When I was dating my husband, all he ever had in his fridge was Miracle Whip. As soon as I moved in I rectified that atrocity immediately. Hellman’s is the only mayo for me… but I do throw him a bone every now and again and buy a small jar of Miracle Whip.

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Deviled eggs are better with Miracle Whip. Goes better with the pickle relish.

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If only we’d believe in Miracle Whip, we’d get by.

I know. I had to do it.

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There’s an awful lot of Miracle Whip hate. We always had both at our house. I guess I like it because growing up, I was poor white trash. Well, at least the poor and white part. My dad used half mayo half MW in tuna salad and egg salad and stuff. It was always yummy to me!

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@creativejuices: I LOVE Duke’s mayo. My mom was raised on it and went crazy when they started carrying it where we live. When I went to college in VA, I got totally hooked. Sooooo good.

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My mom always bought miracle whip. I buy miracle whip light but I like hellmans. If I buy hellmans it goes bad since I’m the only one who will use it. I rarely eat it so it’s a waste of money.

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I really like Miracle Whip for tuna fish sandwiches. For pretty much everything else I prefer mayo.

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Yes preach it!
What is this Miracle Whip blasphemy? I do not believe the transmuting of the sacred sauce to the abomination known as Miracle Whip was anything more than a wile of Satan and @AlfredaPrufrock hence the eggs that bear his name.

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[Respectfully] You are entitled to your beliefs, and I will sincerely try to avoid disturbing your belief system.

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Tee hee hee.. snorkle

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I like both but def use Hellmans more. About once a week I crave MW I really want that sweet tarty taste on something.

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Miracle Whip has more of a tangy bite than plain old mayo.

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