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Does the human heart compare to the engine in your automobile?

Asked by john65pennington (29163points) July 19th, 2011

My Toyota has 276,000 miles on it. Everything is original. I change the engine oil every 7,000 miles, as stated in my auto’s manual. Each time, before leaving, I let the engine run for about one to two minutes. This lets the oil circulate to crucial engine parts, just like the human heart and its blood. I give credit to my engine’s long longevity and maintenance-free performance, to the two minute warmup period. Question: how does the human heart compare to the engine in your automobile? How are they alike?

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Very simply…take care of your heart/body and it should serve you well for many years. But life is full of curve-balls and you never know when you will get rear ended! ;)

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Not really, it is more analogous to the fuel pump, which is a component in the larger system that makes up the engine.

But just as with any system, the better you take care of it the longer it will last.

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I’d say oil pump or fuel pump are more like the heart. I don’t know what you’d call the engine. The brain?

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In my simplified perception, I’d say that the engine is like the stomach, because it basically converts fuel to energy. However, I realize that my comparison falls short partly because the stomach’s usual output is about 0 horsepower, although one of my burps was measured at about 400 HP. ;-p

In one way, the heart could be compared to a car’s transmission, because it transmits that energy to the car’s drive train, and to the electrical distribution system, which distributes energy to the car’s electrical components.

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I have no automobile, and I have no heart.

Cool question you bring up though…a car kinda is like a person. It needs to feed for energy, and can be exhausted if you drive it too much or are reckless…it needs checkups every now and then, and often, something serious can happen to it which will alter its performance and image…and God knows that many cars are all about image, and style.


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