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How similar is Annie the movie to the stage production?

Asked by ubersiren (15140points) December 3rd, 2009

I’m a huge fan of the movie, but have never seen the original stage show. Last night I went to a dinner theater version of it which wasn’t much like the movie. I was telling my husband all the dissimilarities between the movie and what we saw. I’m wondering if what we saw was close to the original stage version…

What are the differences between the stage show and movie?

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dinner theater is almost never like the movie especially a local production. I’ve never seen the movie but I did see the original stage show when I was a kid meh I never liked annie sorry you were dissapointed

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I loved Annie when I was a kid. I saw the movie about a hundred times, so my mom took me to the stage production. Now, this was almost 30 years ago, so my memory of it is a bit hazy, but I remember the movie and play were pretty similar.

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Which version of the movie are you referring to? I’ve never seen the stage version, but from what I understand the 1982 version does have a lot of differences, but the made-for-TV 1999 version is more similar to the stage play.

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The 1982 version of the movie adds at least one song (Dumb Dog), Radio City Music Hall is in the movie but not in the stage production, and there were some differences in emphasis on the bad guys vs. the good guys, as well as big differences due to the requirements of the stage (a rectangular space on which different scenes need to be shifted around as appropriate) vs the silver screen (where almost anything can be accomplished through the magic of cinema).

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Hmmm… ok. So it’s basically the same story and ends the same with only minor differences. Adjustments for stage and screen. Few different songs here and there. @Darwin seriously, how do you know everything?

I should’ve specified that I meant the 1982 movie. @trailsillustrated I was sort of suspicious that the fact that it was dinner theater had something to do with it being so different.

There were a lot of differences in this version, though I still enjoyed it. One major thing I noticed was that it was set at Christmas time. I’m assuming they just added that to this play because of the season. There were also a bunch of songs and scenes omitted and replaced. Some of them were kind of weird. But, like I said it was still enjoyable.

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My Mom saw the original play, and used to rave over the song Easy Street, and the rubbery legs of the man dancing. She was shocked it wasn’t in the movie.

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Easy Street is definitely in the movie. 1982 movie anyway.

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@ubersiren – I was in a revival of the stage musical and have always loved the 1982 movie. That’s how I know what I know about Annie. Otherwise, I just don’t comment much where I don’t know much. :-)

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