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I want to help my mum out, IBS related problem.

Asked by lsdh182 (566points) July 19th, 2011

My Mum suffers with quite severe IBS and has done for a while now. She does quite well but has periods of time that are just terrible. She’s a very busy woman, works full time and looks after us kids and my lazy step dad. I just had a conversation with her and she’s having a rough patch, she said a lot of the food she usually eats is making everything worse, it’s now down to every single meal she has just doesn’t sit well at all. She doesn’t really have the time in the next week or two for a doctors appointment to discuss it and she’s so proud that she thinks seeing a doctor about what to eat is silly. I was wondering if any of you Flutherites suffer or know anyone that suffers with this condition or have a better knowledge than I do of the condition and could offer up some meal ideas? Any nutrition advice would be helpful, I sort of don’t know what I’m expecting to hear back because this is such a broad and vague question. Any ideas about specific foods that might not be so harsh on her, or could relax her pains at all would be great, thanks.

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Unfortunately IBS affects different patients in different ways depending upon what part of the gut is sensitive.

It is in her best interest to call her doctor / dietitian to see if the pain she is experiencing is just an inflamation due to a specific food/experience, or if it could be something more serious.

Better yet, have that lazy step dad take her to the hospital.

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Has she tried probiotics to help ease some of the symptoms? Does she regularly see a gastroenterologist?

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@SpatzieLover she does neither of those things, I’ll note them though and get that ball rolling, thank you.

@missafantastico Haha, I’ll wish upon a star to get him to take her to the hospital.. Thank you for your answer though I’ll be sure to sort out a doctors appointment for her and if I have to force her then that’ll be that!

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@lsdh182 The probiotics should be in the Billions, not the Millions. Ultimate Flora has several “critical” care varieties to choose from. The pills should be stored in the fridge.

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@SpatzieLover I see! Thank you, I need to take a trip into town tomorrow so I’ll do some research on them now and see what I can pick up.

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I had IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) which is a bit different from IBS but involves many of the same symptoms.

Unfortunately there’s no one diet that works for everybody. It takes a lot of experimentation to determine what works for the individual. Has she ever tried keeping a food diary? She can look through it to try and find patterns on what sets her off.

It’s very kind that you’re looking out for your mom; keep doing that.

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I think @Mariah nailed it with the suggestion that your Mom keep a food diary. This gives her something concrete to take with her to the doctor at her next appointment. She should also note how she felt before and after she ate.

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