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Tips/tricks on giving yourself an energy boost through the day. Care to share recipes, food options, and other ideas?

Asked by Jude (32095points) July 19th, 2011

Healthy ways. No energy drinks. :)

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Protein eaten in little increments throughout the day is how I’ve learned to survive the mid-day dulldrums and evade continual migraines.

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A 15–20 minute nap does wonders if you have a place to take one.

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If you are sitting down most of the day, get up in 1.5hr intervals and stretch/ move around.

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A piece of citrus fruit about 2 hours or so after lunch can work wonders.

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I’m a visual person and use a combination of tricks e.g. looking at (or wearing) something in a favorite shade of yellow that lifts up my spirits, or going out for a walk in nature (or looking at pictures of scenery if I’m stuck indoors). Sometimes just a few minutes of alone-time in silence works as well but that depends on my state of mind…

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Exercise. Not kidding, exercising regularly will give you more energy every day.

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I second @erichw1504 I do yoga when I’m feeling sluggish. Works every time.

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> Apples for some reason wake me up, so does watermelon.
> A big glass of water, especially if it’s really cold.
> avoiding a big lunch, break it into two meals, save half for later
> take a 5–10 minute break from what you’re doing, set a timer
> when all else fails, your favorite simple exercise, pushups, jumping jacks, stairs, whatever is possible where you are

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I carry a bag of cashew nuts or walnuts in my bag and when I feel a slump coming I have a few of those.
I’m also with @erichw1504. Exercise is the quickest way to an energy boost.

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I gave up coffee and so called energy drinks years ago for green tea. Green tea doesn’t really have much of a flavor/taste (it has a bland to nothing taste) but it wakes me up in the early morning slowly and without and jitters. Everyone including medical doctors say that green tea is very good for you too especially being rich in antioxidants. I don’t buy the expensive brands because the cheaper brand called “GUNPOWDER” works great (My wife bought a one kilo box of it for 8 bucks). If I get tiered at work in the afternoon, I take a short break and sip some green tea. That really helps.

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I’d go with the exercises.
Though most times I just have to force myself into finishing all planned for the day or else I’d just do a few things.

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