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How and why can I feel electricity in my head?

Asked by Afos22 (3980points) July 19th, 2011

For some time now I have been able to sense electricity. When I am near a source of high voltage, such as high voltage electric lines or if a strong lightening storm is moving through. I feel a sharp headache. It always feels the same. It gets stronger if I get closer to the source or if lightening is about to strike closely. Can anyone explain this? Has anyone ever heard of it? Am I the only one able to sense electricity or can others do it? What is going on?

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I have heard of one person who talked about having had that experience for a few months after their radiation treatment for cancer. I haven’t heard if they went to the doctor about it though.

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That is very interesting. Great question. I wonder why you can detect electromagnetic fields in your brain. I hope someone knows about this.

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To add to my post above, what the person talked about experiencing is just a static elecricity that you get if you are turning on the light or something, may be a few times a week,not so much like what you described in your detail.

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You may not actually be sensing electricity with your brain. It could be the placebo effect (I think this is the correct term). If you know that there is electricity, sensed without the headache, then the placebo effect could kick in and give you a headache.

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Excellent point. A good test would be to have someone flip some sort of inductive load on and off near you while you aren’t looking to see if you can detect it.

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I have considered the placebo effect. Yet, sometimes I do not think about electricity in the area until I can feel it.

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Have you done anything to rule out the placebo effect? It’s possible you get a headache, then look around for electricity.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just want to rule out the obvious.

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The reason I am ruling it out, is because of the headache itself. It is a unique feeling. It does not feel like a migraine, dehydration headache, headache from hitting my head, or lightheaded headache. It feels the same every time.

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Well, changes in air pressure can wreak havoc on your head. I’m pretty sure we have some ability to detect magnetic fields, and I’m not at all surprised to hear someone has the ability to detect electric fields.

It might not be happening the way you think it is, though. It could be that your hair feels it, and that your brain is reacting somatically to the stimulus. I.e., you feel what would trigger your body’s reaction, even though the reaction occurred before the feeling.

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Since you said it was a unique feeling that you got from electricity, can you describe it as best as possible? Would you call it painful? distracting? a unique awareness? etc.

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That’s pretty cool!
You brain is basically a giant neural network. It communicates via very weak electrical signals. Being a network, it might be acting as an antenna, (in the past I’ve used plants as an antenna when the real ones have broken off my radio/TVs). I’m not sure where I’m going with all this… But make sure you donate your body to science after your demise… who knows, you may be an evolutionary anomaly my friend! ;)

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I used to be able to feel lightning storms and high voltage as a building pressure sometimes a headache until I move away or the electricity discharges. I only happens if I’m very close to the source or if the lightning is right overhead. Is that similar to you, because i’m wondering why as well.

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I used to up until around 12 or 13. I would feel it in quite a few places. Either while driving (riding in the car) under power lines, around tranformers, at hospitals when near some heavy electro-magnet machinery. Once or twice a year I get the same sensation but not like I used to over 15 yrs ago. Regarding the possible placebo effect I told my thoughts to family and friends, and they actually helped me run experiments. They would blindfold me and drive me around neighborhoods I had never been in and keep around a 25–30 mile pace. I would call out everytime I got the sensation (which included a unique pressure headache equally between my temples and front of my head). I was on the nose. Every time i called out was within 10 ft of a power line. Also regarding the hospital equipment there were quite a few times that the sensation and headache would be excruciating. I would tell my parents who were aware of my complaint and would ask them to search out the problem. And every time there would be magnetic machine for some heavy diagnostics within one or two rooms. And they would be farther down then we had come so there was no way for me to know their location. I just pointed where it came from. They also waited a few times and asked the nurses if the equipment had been used recently, and the confirmed that it was just in use within the last 5 minutes.

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Ignoring the possibility of a placebo for right now, wikipedia says that electrodes in the brain have been used to stop headaches. If an electric field can stop a headache, it seems to me that it is quite possible that it can start headaches. Your brain must be on the edge of a headache all of the time, if the electric field of something several feet away can trigger it (because of the inverse square law).

Right now I am going to consider the possibility that you are sensitive to magnetism intead of electricity. It is known that MRI scans (magnetic resonance imaging) can cause headaches. MRI uses a very strong magnetic field in addition to a radio frequency electromagnetic field to image the body. I wonder if it is not sensitivity to electric field, but a magnetic feild or an electromagnetic field that causes the headaches. Any wire with electricity flowing through it creates a magnetic field around it, not an electric field. This makes me think that magnetism is the cause, not just electricity.

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@PhiNotPi You might be interested in this blog article about another treatment in the experimental phase for Asperger’s. There is a “How the Brain works” show on TV that I’d seen about it…Interesting stuff!

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I have had several scans, maybe this has somehow effected my sensitivity to magnetic fields?

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@Afos22 I was using scans as an example of when magnetic fields cause headaches. I was not suggesting that this was the cause of your sensitivity.

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@PhiNotPi I know, i know. Just sayin….

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I have the same blessing or curse. I always thought it was due to me being on a cell phone for more than 6000 minutes per month for several years. I feel electricity, electrical storms, and wifi(in my head). It isn’t necessarily a head-ache, it is more of an electrical twinge or quiet chirp in my head….. over and over the closer I get to the source, the more often. I can go into a shop with strong electricity and ask if they ever get headaches and they say- YES, I GET MIGRAINES! I also stop all quartz watches and they start working when I put them in the drawer. I also have pretty long hair…..Whoever else does this, is there any other correlation they can think of? – I also think I am sometimes psychic and have a lot of dejavioux. (sp)

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^^^Déja vu

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