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What is the origin of the word/phrase 'butt-hurt'?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21458points) July 20th, 2011 from iPhone

This was not something I had ever heard until recently. Now, I’m hearing it all over, so apparently, it’s a thing?

Where did it come from? It doesn’t make much sense to me. Here is the definition.

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I wish I knew the origin. It’s a phrase I commonly use. First time I heard it was two years ago at a firehouse. One of the guys was describing how another guy got all butt-hurt after they put his uniform in a bucket of water in the freezer. Don’t leave your uniform laying around after shift.

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Can you use the word in a sentence, please?:\

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It is just a syllable minimalist expedient way of saying the still currently fashionable… “I am appalled and devastated”

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As an adjective: “Anytime someone mentions Sarah Palin on Fluther, someone is bound to get butthurt.”

As a noun: “Arguments between Christians and Atheists are nothing but huge butthurt fests.”

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The first time I heard it said was by the mo-fucking fakesagan on youtube.

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Thanks @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard. It’s still not registering, but then again, I’m always the last one to understand.:D

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I’m not hearing it used. My sons are in their twenties, so I keep up fairly well, but this expression hasn’t come up in my vicinity.

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I’ve never heard of it before.

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It basically means the person is whining about something, as if they just received some rough anal sex.

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Someday there will be a B movie poster I can link to when I say this common phrase:

“It came from /b/”

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I usually us it to mean, “offended or showing discomfort more than is necessary”

For example “I tripped over his dog and he got all butt-hurt”

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It’s not used by anyone I know in my locale. It appears that’s a good thing

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I can say I’ve never heard this phrase in my entire life!

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It is rarely used in real life conversation, but commonly appears in many areas of the internet.

It is a reference to anal sex used when someone does not react well to criticism or negative comments.

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“I’ll put some butt-hurt on (him/her/it/them)” can be interpreted as “I’ll cause (him/her/it/them) a real pain in the ass!”

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