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Can I stop the garbage from smelling really bad?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5957points) July 21st, 2011

My room is right above the garage. We have trash day tomorrow. The garbage smell is so bad, I can smell it through the air vents and it’s in my room. It smells horrible.

Is there a way to get the smell out of my room?

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You might want to start off by washing out the garbage can after trash pick up. Pour some ammonia in it and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Scrub it, then rinse in out well. After you have cleaned the garbage can, try to bag all garbage that you throw away in plastic bags. That should take care of the smell in your room.

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when it starts to get ripe towards the end of the week (but before it gets to your room) start throwing a few bricks of charcoal in the trash. The other option is to get a good garbage disposal and stop putting the stinkiest stuff (usually rotting food) into the garbage.

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I recommend putting a couple of pleasant smelling fabric softener-dryer sheets in the bottom of your trashcans. (Or spraying some Febreze in the trashcans works too) I also recommend you switch over to odor-reducing trash bags; the Hefty “Odor Block” garbage bags are the best! With these two items in your trashcans, I can promise you will hardly notice those foul odors anymore! (you can thank me later)

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Ask Casey Anthony?

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Just flag the shit questions & have them remov…....i’ve read this wrong haven’t I?

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I sprinkle Comet cleanser over the top.

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Can you move the garbage to a place that’s farther away from your room?

How about squirting air deodorizer directly on and into the vents, and then closing them?

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I spray our trash can with Lysol Disinfectant every day. I suggest you could cover the air vents in your room with a filter. You can spray it with air freshener.

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@Brian1946 There is no way I can move the trash away. We don’t put the trash anywhere but the garage and my room is right above it and is pretty much the same size and everything. Except maybe my closet and bathroom. But no matter where in the garage, it still smells. And it makes my room smell awful. I sprayed air freshener in the air vents, but it doesn’t really help. It smells like a combo of both.
@YARNLADY Where can I get the airvent filters?

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Is there any way you can do without the vent for a few hours? maybe you can seal it completely temporarily.
If you want a permanent solution, not just for the next few hours,
don’t let anything leak out of the palstic garbage bag, i.e, put anything sharp in the middle of the garbage bag. really clean out the can, and maybe sprinkle a bit of baking powder ( really cheap sometimes) at the bottom.
Good for prevention skunks and the like as well.
Some food items are notorious like cauliflower, shallots, brocolloli,etc. by the way so use unrecyclable paper or something to wrap those things in before putting them in the garbage.

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@blueberry_kid The local hardware or home improvement store should carry them.

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Clean out your trash can with a mix of water and bleach. Don’t forget to don gloves though when doing this.

Take the trash out every night before going to bed. If you throw things away you know will smell, such as fish or chicken, then put that item in a plastic grocery sack, tie it up, and then put that sack in the trash bag. At least the smell will be contained in that one sack.

Try sprinkling baking soda on the bottom of your trash can.

It’s best to get a small, kitchen or bathroom sized trash can, instead of using a 32 gallon sized can.

Open any windows and your door to air out your room. Also a little air freshener spray works as well.

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