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Shady Tree, Awkward Turtle, what else is there?

Asked by XCNuse (1197points) April 30th, 2008

I just heard about an uncomfortable moose, no idea how to do it, but what other hand gestures are there to point out those hilarious awkward moments in life?

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conversation eagle

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awkward salmon is my favorite….tap the person against their cheek with the back of your hand repeatedly (like a fish if you put him on grass/dock)

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what are you all talking about?

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definition via wikipedia:
The Awkward Turtle is a gesture made after something awkward just happened, or when there is an awkward silence. To perform an awkward turtle there are three steps to take. First, place your hands on top of each other with both palms facing down and the fingers pointing forward. Next, move thumbs out and away from the hands. Finally, rotate the thumbs.

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Is this a high school thing?

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whats the shady tree? the akward turtle is all to famous

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I like the lazy sloth.

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i dont know any of them. explain…

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My School does the Silent Coyote. does just what the name implies.

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I’ve never heard of these but i like them! They seem kinda Japanese to me.

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For those of you who haven’t the foggiest about the topic, this is the awkward turtle, meant to be displayed as a sing that some conversation or event is making you awkward. However, I have always heard it said that the turtle is awkward because his two flippers move at different speeds, so he ultimately just swims in a circle, but this video doesn’t show that…

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canadian sea turtle bacon. it’s sarcastically awkward. plus it’s just funny to look at.

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