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Have you ever tried gold or black raspberries?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) July 21st, 2011

Do they taste different? They look interesting, and I want to give them a go. Aren’t black raspberries just regular blackberries? Is there even a difference?

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Yes, the Golden ones are delicious, they have a honey-ish flavor to me, but, maybe that’s just some strange psychological association with the color.

Actually though, I love to drizzle organic honey on fresh Blackberries, heavenly!

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@Coloma Mmmm, good idea. I love blackberries!

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haha..just caught my typo ” dizzle’ that’s blonde speak fpor drizzle. lol

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Raspberries have a softer, less acidic flavor than blackberries. They also have a different mouth feel, softer on the tongue. Black raspberries have a slightly heavier taste than the red and are delicious. I haven’t tried the golden ones. Black raspberry ice cream is delicious, if you can find it.

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Black raspberries are yummy and I just found out I have a huge patch of them along my garage! In one week I will be awash with them! Golden rasps are the best!

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Different varieties of raspberries have different tastes. It depends on which gold or black variety you are planting.

“Fall Gold raspberry plants are ever-bearing, producing golden-colored medium to large conical berries that are extremely sweet.”

Here is a chart showing the different types and the growing zones they thrive in.

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The whole brush line behind my apartment building is principally black raspberries. They’re fairly common in southern New England.

I’m excited now because the black raspberries finished ripening and are gone just in time for the blackberries to start ripening. :)

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